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Hell hath no fury

This week, the House of Lords in Britain have to decide whether a woman who has allegedly been raped should have to divulge her sexual history in open court. The proponents of the issue claim that a woman’s sexual history is an important aspect of the accused rapist’s defense. The opponents of the issue are understandably unmoved; to them, rape is rape, regardless whether it involves a sexually active or inactive woman. The truth of the matter probably lies somewhere in between the two opinions.

Political Islam in Malaysia

It is saddening to see that political bodies in Malaysia are using the religion of Islam to further their political ambitions. The real losers in a scenario where religion is used to justify right are the people the politicians have vowed to serve.

Anwar Ibrahim - the sick convict

Mary Robinson, the head of the UN Commission for Human Rights recently told the Malaysian Foreign Minister, Syed Hamid Albar that she was concerned that Anwar Ibrahim, the ex-deputy prime minister of Malaysia who is now serving a lengthy jail term, was not receiving proper medical attention while in prison. What a load of rubbish.

Oh dear, Mr Krugman

When the US Federal Reserve cut overnight interest rates by half a percent to 5.0%, the US stock market showed its disappointment by dropping another couple of points; investors were certainly not impressed. It is unfortunate that everyone and his dog has seen it fit to lambaste the Fed for its conservatism. It is especially saddening to see a renowned economist such as Paul Krugman jump on the bash-the-Fed bandwagon.

The Illogical Defense of MAD

President George W. Bush will have to make some serious decisions soon concerning the future US policy towards China and Taiwan. One wonders whether these decisions will be a signal for the MAD race to start up again.

The Bush Fudge

Barely in office three months, Bush has already backtracked on one of his most prominent campaign promises: the reduction of carbon dioxide emission in the US. At least with Clinton, it took more than 6 months to begin fudging on his promises – so is Bush just an efficient President or did he plan to renege all along?

Anatomy of a Corpse

A public relations disaster is brewing in Australia where a Sydney morgue has been implicated in some questionable practices – the removal of organs from corpses without the consent of their next of kin.

Where do all the angels go?

In memory of Madam Ho Choon Yee, a loving wife, mother and grandmother. I love you, mama.

Death is never an easy thing to accept. Whether it be our life, or the life of a loved one, death is probably the most difficult event to deal with when it occurs. And when it does happen, it leaves us with so many questions.

The Hanson Reborn

It seems like an old face is back in town again, a certain Ms. Pauline Hanson. Although not with the bang that marked her last appearance in the Australian political arena in 1996, her One Party’s success in splitting the votes in the recent Queensland state election has got the Liberals in government more than a little bit worried.

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