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Could terrorism be winning?

The fighting between Israel and the Palestinians has escalated in the last few months – observers are saying that it hasn’t been this intense for the last 2 decades. The worrisome trend that we see both sides taking is their attitude to be increasingly daring and brave in their thrusts and counter-thrusts. Last week we saw a suicide bomber, the latest in a long line of such bombers, specifically target civilians by blowing himself up near a public bus stop. We have also seen the virtual demise of the Oslo Accords when the Israeli army temporarily occupied sections of the Gaza Strip in retaliation to the mortar attacks into the neighboring Jewish community. Things are beginning to spiral out of control. The question that begs to be asked is this: who’s winning this terrible war?

The media and our pain

Over the weekend, front-page news in Malaysia was shots of a woman falling to her death from the 16th floor of her apartment. Apparently, she wanted to commit suicide, changed her mind and the subsequent rescue attempt failed. Her death plunge was captured in mid-flight by the cameras and duly displayed the next day. Was it necessary for the newspapers to be so graphic?

Islam, the religion of peace

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It is hard to be a Muslim nowadays. Not only do most Muslims live in relatively poor conditions (not their fault, but the fault of their ruling governments - take Afghanistan and Indonesia as prime examples), but they also have the world media breathing down their necks in the wake of several recent high profile terrorist attacks. Generally, it is a media that equates Islamic or "Moslem" fundamentalism with acts of terrorism. This generalization has to stop.

The economics of human rights

China has released a report on the condition of human rights within its borders – essentially a report to counter the one issued by the United States earlier this year on the state of human rights all over the world for the year 2000. The bottom line reads: the people are richer, better fed and more educated now than ever before. And, oh yeah, we won a few gold medals at the Olympics.

Apologies through thick skin

A well known Chinese saying goes something like this: "The strong are those with the thickest skins". Referring to a leader’s ability to swallow his pride for the greater good, it is certainly a lesson that both sides of the Pacific will do well to learn if they are to avoid turning the recent mid-air collision between a US EP-3 and a Chinese F-8 into an "international incident".

Lay off greenspan already

Widely blamed for the problems now afflicting the US economy, Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve has very few options available to him. No matter what he does, he seems to receive a ton of criticism. But has his critics ever considered the possibility that they might be hurting the US economy much more than Greenspan ever could?

A new cold war

Over the weekend, a collision occurred between a US Navy intelligence plane, the EP-3 and a Chinese fighter jet, the F-8. The accident has led to an escalation of diplomatic tension – but does it mark the beginning of a more serious confrontation between China and US? The signs do not look good.

Wanted: Green US President

With the latest show of commitment towards dumping the Kyoto Protocols, President George W. Bush has brought upon the US some severe tongue-lashing from many of its closest allies. From Germany’s premier, Gerhard Schroeder to Britain’s Environmental Minister, Michael Meaker – the barrage of disappointments have been fierce and furious. They should try and put themselves in his shoes.


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