Broken promises

I would say that i'm an honest man. Not a saint, no where near perfect, but fair and honest as far as an average person can be. I try my best to tell the truth; i see no point in lying except when it serves the "greater good" (subjective i know, but inevitable). I always keep my promises. I don't give them out cheaply, but when i've promised to do something (or not to do something), i keep to my word.

Just like everyone else, i'm prone to errors in judgement. But i would like to think that these errors are unintentional and without malice. If i've wronged someone, its most likely because i'm stupid rather than because i wanted to hurt the person. This even applies to the people i don't like; "treat your friends well, your enemies better" is something that seems to make a lot of twisted sense.

And more than anything else, i wish that everyone would treat me in the same way. I try to be to others as i would wish them be to me. But the second part of that equation doesn't seem to work very well. But that's ok. I hate to complain. Don't mistake this as a complaint.

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