Right of Marriage

Purely hypothetical situation (not related in any way to my personal life): the woman you want to marry is not approved of by your parents. Its not that they want you to marry someone else, or that they don't want you to get married, they just don't want you to marry THAT woman. What do you do?

Do you:

A. Say to hell with it, and marry her anyway, risking being cut off from your family.
B. Try to talk to them, try to convince them, try to coach the lady of your choice to win the hearts of your parents, BUT if they still say no, you go with option (A).
C. Try everything in option (B), but if they still say no, then you do your best to be honourable in the resulting break up.
D. Go along with your parents' advice without question.

Mitigating factors (all apply):

1. You like her, but your parents say that because they know you very well (since birth i suppose), they can see that in the long run she is not right for you.
2. Its also not her alone, but your parents also have issues with HER parents. They argue that marriage is just not between two people but also between two FAMILIES. Compatibility is important??

Taking these factors into consideration, what would YOU do?


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