Shopping with women

I won't presume that all women are the same. Maybe its just my luck but my experiences of going shopping with women have always been similar:

1. She'll say that "it'll only be an hour" and end up spending 4 hours.
2. She'll go to every shop in sight looking for that pair of shoes/jeans/etc. Often even shops that don't sell shoes/jeans/etc.
3. She'll go to 10 shops, walk a gazillion miles, and then buy from the first shop she visited 20 hours ago.
4. She'll ask me what i think about what she's trying on and always disagree with my answer regardless of whether i say yes or no.
5. She'll only feel good about what she's bought after another woman has praised it (my opinion doesn't count so why bother asking me in the first place??)

Hahahah... my mom, sisters, girlfriends, friends - they are all the same when it comes to shopping. It CAN'T be a coincidence, right? Are ALL women like this?

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