Stinging attack

*As of 10 February 2003, is down and not responding. is a source of some rather interesting reading material. Totally honest (sometimes unguided), frank and brisque commentary graces its pages. One of its latest articles on the state of American/Israeli relations is particularly insightful. A recommended read for those who seek to understand why these two countries have been bossom buddies for the last 50 years.

"An Israeli primer for Muslim rulers: How to make America love you" by Yusuf Agha


Lesson Eight: "Poor Anti-me."

Say a single word against Israeli policy -- against the attacks on Palestinian children, mention Israeli spies, or even the Israeli election scandal, and you are immediately labeled as anti-Semitic. This label applies even to those Jews who criticize Israel and Arabs -- the original Semites -- all are branded with the sizzle of the anti-Semitic iron.

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