A brilliant movie

"If we can't find anything pleasant, at least we shall find something new." - Voltaire.

Well, i can guarantee the discerning movie goer that in Gary Winick's "Tadpole" you shall find something pleasant AND something new. Its a brilliant comedy that transcends the normal by appealing to the tiny portion of our mind that asks the "what if". Truly amazing, what a gem and my only regret is that i've had the DVD for months but only watched it today.

An uncommon pleasure

It tells a tale of Oscar (Stanford) who's in love with his stepmother, Eve (Weaver), but falls to the wayside one drunken night by sleeping with Diane (Neuwirth) who is Eve's best friend. Hilarious scenes follow as Oscar desperately tries to hide the truth of his indiscretions (and his love for Eve) from his father (Ritter), Eve, and his friends.

What appeals to me is that the humour that follows isn't crass or objectified, or rude; perhaps the best word to describe it would be "scenic" - humour that comes from uncontrived situations that we could almost imagine ourselves to be in. Its the sort of funny that is truly rare - just about the only other movie i've seen this year that comes close is the equally wonderful "About Schmidt".

Watch this. Its an uncommon film, to say the least.


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