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Discovered Andromeda by chance today - its a PHP script that allows a web server to stream/broadcast MP3s. As i've got thousands of MP3s on my notebook (all legally obtained from my personal CD collection, i assure you), i thought that this may be a good way to share them with everyone; the Volume of Interactions: Audio is born!

Andromeda, MP3 streaming PHP script

There are probably some legal copyright issues here that i have yet to understand:

  1. does public broadcasting for non-commercial purposes constitute copyright infringement?
  2. is there a difference between streaming MP3 and downloading MP3?
  3. by broadcasting selected copyrighted work, am i denying the copyright owner to rightful income or am i assisting in the copyright owner's marketing efforts (i.e. you may listen to what i've broadcast and decide to puchase the full CD for yourself)?
I'll scour the 'Net for the answers to these questions and post them for review as and when i find them.

Ok, on to the VOI: Audio. Please note that this application on my website is currently BETA and will stay that way until its been properly tweaked for maximum performance. I've tested it and it works fine with Winamp 3.0 and Windows Media 8.0 - i have no idea whether it works on any other media player, but i welcome feedback if different results are found by anyone.

Also, a note on the streaming quality: the first and third song in "My Selections" is compressed at 192 bitrate - this makes them inordinately large files; even on Streamyx, you will experience jerkiness and buffering. The two files in "Robin Williams" (stand-up comedy routines) are compressed at 128 bitrate - broadcast quality over Streamyx is excellent and unbroken; no jerkiness or buffering at all. I suspect that 128 bitrate will still be pretty ok over a good 56kb modem connection, though jerkiness will probably be encountered. The next set of files that i'll put up will be compressed at 96 bitrate; 128 bitrate is generally accepted as CD-quality audio, i think 96 bitrate or even 64 bitrate will not significantly deteriorate the audio quality generally accepted for web broadcasts. Again, as these lower-quality files become available on the VOI: Audio, i welcome feedback on the issue of quality.

Lastly, Lunarpages is an excellent host that provides the VOI with 20GB of data transfer per month. Unless there is a massive upsurge of usage because of the VOI: Audio, i doubt i'll get anywhere near the 20GB limit. But, if things do get difficult bandwidth wise, i reserve the right to pull the plug. :)

In the meantime, enjoy!

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