Nurul Izzah's wedding

Over the weekend, "Anwar Ibrahim's": eldest daughter, Nurul Izzah, 23, married Raja Ahmad Shahril Iskandar Raja Salim, 27, a member of the Johor royal family. They've known each other "since 1999 when they met in the UK":,4386,188226,00.html. Considering the political nature of Nurul's family, i can imagine that this marriage will not be easy; i'm sure the groom knows that and i applaud his courage. I wish the newlyweds well.

Nurul Izzah
Nurul Izzah, the bride

Reception picture
Raja Ahmad and Nurul Izzah from "":

I also congratulate the government's decision to "allow Anwar Ibrahim to give his daughter away":, as is his paternal right. Certainly, as a convicted criminal still serving time, this was a privilege that the prison officials or the home ministry did not have to grant. But "they did anyway":, and i'm pleased that common sense prevailed. Politics is one thing, but basic human decency is another altogether: don't let one cloud the other.

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