Conducting a test

The Project Petaling Street Beta Test for v1.5 is currently underway in ernest. The BETA team of 28 people are pinging the site. What does this mean?

This means each time they update their blog, PPS is updated too - this makes a PPS a content aggregator or "blog-tal". A single visit to PPS allows a user to catch a glimpse of what the 28 people (+ the original core PPS team) are writing at any given time; a snapshot of the Malaysian blogosphere is being created. Once the project moves out of BETA and v1.5 is officially launched, then that snapshot will become larger and larger depending on the number of Malaysian bloggers choose to participate. The larger the participating group, the more accurate the snapshot will be.

Plans are also in place to take PPS beyond v1.5, but those will be discussed in due time. The vision of PPS has always been to be act as an aggregator of Malaysian blog-content; want to know what Malaysian bloggers are writing/talking about? Visit PPS.

BETA Test Update 1/7/2003: New site design in place based on the feedback from Grace, Ghazali, and Zhi Xin. Kah Shing seems to have found another way to ping PPS - a custom job by the sounds of things. Irene asked the Q: What about RSS/XML? Yow Kee publishes some incredibly simple-to-follow instructions. A few questions are asked: How can Blogger-users easily ping PPS without using the public pinger? [See the list of BETA testers here]

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