Sex in Malaysia

The recent hoolaboo about Bruce Almighty touches on the issue of religion and to a lesser degree, race relations in Malaysia. Most definitely a touchy-touchy subject for a country with our background, composition and history. Made me wonder, what other issues are the government very sensitive about. In a word: sex.

Most people who've had sex (either married or not), enjoy it and want to have it again. Most people who've not had sex are curious and want to see what all the fuss is about at some point in their lives. Nothing unusual here - this is how we're programmed to reproduce, so it goes to reason that we'll spend lots of time thinking about it.

Next question: what about sex in Malaysia? Its a no-no in schools (the closest we get to sex ed is in a Form 3 science class). Its a no-no in books, magazines, movies, TV and radio. Its a no-no topic of discussion among "polite" company. Women who dress or act provocatively in a sexual manner are frowned upon. Parents warn their daughters about befriending over-"studly" men.

Sex is important, perhaps incredibly important even. Yet most people in this country won't talk about it openly and frown upon those who try. Strange.

I received this email from a friend today. He too had the same questions in mind. He shared with me this link. To summarize, its about looking for sex in Malaysia. Don't click on this if you're not 18 years old; it might shatter your innocent (naive?) beliefs about what this country is really about on the issue of sex. You have been warned: SEX IN MALAYSIA

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