Skandal artis dan pramugara

I received two emails yesterday with the following subjects:

# "Pramugara Terlampau"
# "Skandal Dramatis *** ********"
(the "*" represents the artist's name; its been edited out by me)

I was tempted to open the attached .avi files (each >5MB in size) - the contents of the email informed me the attachments were ripped from the VCDs that were making their rounds with Uncle Ho prior to the crackdown on his employees. Its been suggested the appearance of these two VCDs sparked the recent furore by the authorities against the sale of pirated digital media; i was understandably curious what all the fuss was about.

bq. The current crackdown was sparked in part because of the controversy that surfaced after a pornographic home video featuring a Malaysia Airlines steward having sex with his female colleagues began selling like hot cakes. - Leslie Lau, The Straits Time reporter in the article, Will Malaysia's anti-piracy crackdown work this time? (Google cached version)

After scanning both files with three different anti-virus apps and finding them squeaky clean, my finger hovered over the "Play" button. It occurred to me that no matter what i would see on either file it must have taken QUITE A LARGE DEGREE OF STUPIDITY & CARELESSNESS on the part of the "actors" to allow videos of themselves in compromising positions to make it out into the public.

What were they thinking? No doubt, their public careers are over. She will never get another job in media, print or broadcast. The steward and -stewardesses- would have almost certainly lost their jobs by now. It would take a lot of courage to touch any of them with a barge pole. For what? A bit of fun and voyeurism with a video camera? That's too much to lose for so little.

The lesson: what we do with our private lives, should stay PRIVATE. Be careful in protecting yourself, be mindful of protecting the privacy of those who trust you - if you're entrusted with secrets, honour them.

ps. Don't bother emailing me for either video file - they've been permanently deleted. Possession of pornographic material is a crime in Malaysia. ;)

UPDATE: keeps tabs on the scandals involving Malaysian artists. Also read this link for info about the authenticity of the Edry and Linda Rafar pics. Thanks to Faridah for the lead.

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