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The following post might be viewed by some as impolite dicussion matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Lecka Ice Cream

There is a new ice cream king in town. It has to be tried to be believed, Lecka Lecka Italian gelato (ice cream). Bintang Walk, Kuala Lumpur, just beside JW Marriott. Two scoops for RM7.90. Excellent value for daily freshly made all-natural ice cream. Yummy!


There are hands, and there are beautiful hands. Enjoy!

Everything happens

Everything happens for a reason. Often that reason is hidden, and it takes so much time before it becomes clear, if at all.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to all. May God bless you and keep you safe and happy this festive season.


Going through life, its rarely enough to go through it alone. Life is about facing challenges, about standing up to adversity and working tirelessly towards a desirable end. It really is a journey, the ultimate journey without peer.

As we travel this passage, we often find other travelers to share the road with us. To some, we will become their champion: their inspiration, their support, their second voice. We fight for them, we bleed for them, we shed the tears of effort for them. And others yet, others yet offer themselves as our champion, to do the things we can't do for ourselves, to stand by us when things get tough, to push us beyond the limits we thought we had, to hold things together, and, sometimes, to make the journey itself possible.

This is my champion. Her resilience is my strength, her determination my reason, her passion my fuel.

18th-20th Century

There is good food and then there is great food. The fare offered at 18th-20th Century falls into the latter category. I organized a meeting there, partly to talk over some business with Kaz, Sharizal, Sani and Badrul, partly to check the restaurant out where we're going to hold our 5th Cigar Dinner on the 5th of December.

Full pics of the outing can be found in Visuals.

The owner, Fay, was very helpful and she talked us through the varied menu to select some of its best dishes. Eventually, since everything looked so good, i settled on the otak-otak salad (RM9) as a starter and the mushroom chicken pie (RM18) for the main course. Sani had the chicken and salmon pate for starters and the soft shell crab sandwich as a main course. There are only three words in the English vocabulary to describe how good the food is:


It has to be tasted to be believed. Great food, fast service, very affordable prices. I highly recommend it and i can't wait to return for another visit.


A good friend once wrote:

"We love not because he or she got the most number of correct items on a 'checklist' of things we like and don't like in people.

We love because he or she makes that 'checklist' irrelevant."

From a person much wiser than me. Thank you.

The Tale of Ann Arbor

The following is an account of the Malaysian tragedy of Ann Arbor by Farah, a young lady who was there and experienced everything first hand.

I've said it many times before: the shit ALWAYS hits the fan, bad stuff ALWAYS happens. That's not important; what is is how we react to it when it does. My utmost respect and commendations go out to the brave Farah and her friends who held themselves together and did the necessary. God wanted those two ladies to be with Him, hence He took them. God wanted to test those who were left behind. They passed with uncompromising results.

Read on Farah's email below:



Once in a while, we all want something very, very much. Below is my "want" of the moment, a limited edition "Devil" Hugo Boss flint lighter. Price: RM225 (with my Citibank Gold Card 10% discount). Isn't it beautiful?

Hugo Boss metal lighter
Stainless steel gas lighter with brushed finish and laser-engraved BOSS logo. Size: 68 x 24 x 10 mm (2.6" x 0.9" x 0.39")

A passion

Cigars and everything related to cigars has become quite a hobby for me. As i sat on the toilet bowl today (i get some profound thoughts while there, don't you?), i wondered why.

Is it just about the cigars? The smoke itself, the different tastes, the near infinite combinations and depth of the hobby, from the various cutters, lighters, ashtrays, cigar brands, the myriad of tobacco blends, the joy of a perfect burn, the clear white ash, the spiciness on the lips, the creamy texture of well aged tobacco - its this, and so much more. After just a few months of exploration i've learned so much about it, yet i also realize there is still so much to learn and experience.

But i think what makes the experience even more compelling is the people and friends i've met and made these past months. Smoking a cigar is not just about smoking tobacco - its really a social activity, i've come to realize. During our regular cigar meetings, we don't just talk about the hobby, but we talk about so much more - our families, our dreams, our backgrounds, our wants and desires. The comaraderie was born from our common passion, but is sustained by the bonds of friendship that have been created. In just 4 short months, i've made friends with people half way around the world (thanks Dario for the cigars you sent me), i've met Malaysians living abroad who share the passion (thanks Ian for your unwavering support), and i've cemented relationships with older, wiser individuals who are very generous in their offer of guidance and mentoring (thanks Nur for your wisdom). There are many others (up to 36 at last count) - as evidenced by the rapidly growing Cigars Community of Malaysia. Each are important to me.

I understand that cigar smoking is probably not the best thing for my health. But, just like everything else in this world, its about cost vs benefit, its about the balance between the negative and the positive. And, right now at least, the positive is something i treasure deeply: friendship.


As i scratching myself this morning in front of the mirror (sorry for the horror this image might induce, but i wasn't scratching that), i began wondering what it means to be me and how wonderful it would be if there were a couple more mes in this world. I talking about children, not cloning.

From the moment he can hear in his mother's womb (around the second trimester, isn't it?), i've got a whole plan to Aiz-ify my son.

While in womb: I'll play my violin to him, i'll expose him to the sounds of an EPL game over the TV, i'll read him the Al-Quran, and i'll teach him that kicking is a good thing (heheh!).

The moment he's born: He'll be sleeping alot, but there is an Aiz-way to sleep - hang your arms around your head exposing your smelly armpits, and make sure to drool a lot.

The moment he can walk: Why bother walking? Run, damn you, run!

The moment he can hold something in his hands: Can you spell P-L-A-Y-S-T-A-T-I-O-N?

The moment he can talk: I'll teach him the five most important words in the male vocabulary, "Your place or mine, baby?"

The moment he can piss standing up: The virtues of a bad aim.

Heheh... tomorrow i'll write about Aiz-fying a daughter.

Telcos - Oh Oh Oh!

If you thought that Telekom and TMnet were difficult to work with as a consumer, than you ain't seen NOTHING yet. Try working with them on a business-2-business level and you will see their true colours. MEGA-frustration on a MAJOR scale. Buat benda kecil pun susah. My project has now been delayed by at least 4 weeks because of them.

Susahlah. A classic case study of why monopolies are bad.

Fusion Couscous

I've always been intrigued by the possibilities of fusion cooking. That's probably why restaurants such as 18-20th Century are so appealing to me. So last night i decided to try my hand at a fusion dish of my own, marrying influences of North Africa and the Far East. Results? Outstanding! "Sweet beef on a bed of gold".

click on images to enlarge

1000th Blog!

The 1000th Blog listed in the Volume of Interactions Blog Directory is The Words Not Spoken! Thank you to all who have supported the VOI Blog Directory and enabled it to reach this milestone.

Baked pasta

What do you do when you've got lots of leftover penne pasta from the previous night's exploits? You make a baked pasta dish!

click to enlarge

Bowled over

Its been quite a while since i was last bowled over by the beauty of a lady. But last Saturday night during an old friend's birthday party, i just couldn't get enough of her. Besides being beautiful, she's got a sharp wit and quick tongue - more than once i was at the end of a lashing riposte. But its was worth it, it was all worth it for that amazing smile, that wondrous grin. Hello, Mariam!


4-year old daughter to Nur Islam and Hilda (he's Hungarian, she's from Sarawak), she was most definitely the star of the night, almost eclipsing the birthday girl herself. Anyone from a talent agency reading this? I've found you a superstar!

More pics of her can be found in Visuals.

Oh no!

I hate it when things like this happen:

bq. Two women were hit by a pickup truck last night and died after arriving at the University Hospital. Ann Arbor Police Department Sgt. Brad Hill said the women were crossing Plymouth Road at 6:20 p.m., apparently on their way home from the Islamic Center of Ann Arbor after breaking their Ramadan fast for the day. The AAPD has not released the names of the women, but members of the campus Muslim community say the women are Norhananim Zainol and Teh Nanni Roshema Roslan, two Engineering students. The girls were both international students and members of the Malaysian Students Association. - The Michigan Daily


A cooking man

I've been told that a cooking man is a sexy man. True or not? Perhaps, perhaps not. Anyway below is me in action with the pots and pans last night as i attempted to put together a pasta dish ala Aiz.

click to enlarge

4th Cigar Meet, review

What a wonderful time we had last Friday night! Enjoying a cigar is an activity best reserved for excellent company and that's what those who attended the 4th Cigar Meet last Friday night (9 November 2003) got.

Full review on My Cigar Blog and full pics in Visuals.


Women tell men this all the time - "You're so complicated. I don't understand you."

I find that such a mind boggling statement: what's there to not understand? We're very simple, really.

We like:

# To watch our favourite {insert sporting event here} in peace.
# To eat our favourite {insert favourite food here} once in a while.
# To hang out with the guys once in a while without having to feel guilty for not inviting our wives/fiances/girlfriends.
# To play our favourite {insert computer game or sport}.

We don't like:

# Anything that disrupts the above.

Heheheh... five simple rules. Doesn't get any less complicated than that.

Review: Matrix Revolutions

Watched the Matrix Rev over the weekend. Good set pieces, interesting fight scenes (although the last one with a flying Neo and Smith was quite corny), a few credible attempts at philosophical mumbo-jumbo and a whole lot of hugging and kissing.

Bottom line: did i enjoy myself? Yes. Would i watch it again? Not for another 6 months at least. Did i understand what was going on and did it answer the questions raised by the first two movies? No.

I still don't get it. How does Smith's actions against Neo right at the end save the Matrix from Smith? Punch, punch, sudden burst of light and its all over. Huh?

4th Cigar Meet

Cigar lovers of Malaysia (well, KL at least, :) ), unite! The 4th monthly cigar meet will be held tonight. After performing your tarawih prayers, drop by at Starbucks, Mont Kiara for a good smoke and some even better company. Full details can be found on My Cigar Blog.

Even if you've never had cigars before, why not drop by for a chat and a cuppa. Everyone is most welcome.

Matrix with me??

SOS! SOS! Anyone wants to watch Matrix with me? I've made bookings for 2 tickets but i only have myself. Who's interested in my other ticket? 10pm, USJ Summit, TONIGHT!

Only guys need apply, i'm a one woman man. :)

UPDATE: I ended up not going after all. Hate watching movies alone. Going this Saturday instead. Got a date already... :)

Malaysia Boleh!

I received an SMS from an old friend from the Philippines the other day:

I have to say, the Tourism Malaysia ads are great. :)

I'm pretty sure she meant this ad, now appearing on

Theory of Circles

Don't you sometimes feel like your life is an unending circle? You do the same things everday, you face the same worries, you look forward to the same things, unchanging expectations.

While such consistency is not necessarily a bad thing - many people actually enjoy the predictability of their lives - realizing that its happening does take a bit of getting used to.

I woke up this morning wondering whether i was living in this circle. I decided that perhaps i was; it was almost refreshing to be able to admit it to myself. But that doesn't mean that i'm the sort who won't do anything about it, though i know many who wouldn't.

I don't pretend to be some super-enlightened being, able to decide or change my destiny at will the moment i don't like the direction its heading. But what i can aim for are subtle changes that can create a few peaks in the constant circle - that's the least i can hope for. Then, who knows? Perhaps, on one such peak, i might be lucky enough to latch onto something with the strength to pull me out of this circle and into another.

Oh, i'm a realist enough to understand and accept that life, human life, is a constant array of such circles. Some of us will go through life experiencing fewer different circles than others, some of us will go through so many as to lead a chaotic unstructured existence, and others yet, may be forced to switch between them when they wish for some consistency.

I've been in my current circle for nearly 4 years now. I'm beginning to see a chance to create a peak, and perhaps that peak can lead to a new circle, completely different from what i'm in now. I don't know what to expect from this new circle, or even whether it'll really be that much more different. But that's the beauty of it all, isn't it?

That, my friends, is my Theory of Circles.

Matrix tickets

Would you believe it? I've got 4 - yup - FOUR tickets for Matrix Revolutions on Wednesday, 5 November 2003. 2 for GSC Mega Mall, Bangsar and another 2 for USJ SUmmit. First person to email me gets the tickets to Mega Mall, 12.30 am show. And depending on circumstances (i might not have a date for Wednesday night), i may give away the other two tickets at USJ Summit too, 10.00 pm show so watch this space if you desperately want tickets and can't find any anywhere else.

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