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Oh baby, BABY!!!

Just 2 more days to the first episode of Survivor: All Stars, the latest instalment of this amazing popular reality show. I've said it once and i'll say it again: Survivor created the concept of reality TV and its still the best of the genre.

This time, Survivor is going to be different: the best and most popular players of past Survivor series have been invited back to compete against each other. Richard Hatch, the winner of the original Survivor, is back. The super-strategist, Rob C is back. The mega-babe Jenna is also on the show. Ooh, boy! This promises to be a fantastic Survivor experience... excuse me while i writhe in orgasmic anticipation. :)

Does anyone know when Survivor: All Star will be shown on Malaysian TV?


What i don't understand is why so many people participate in idle gossip? Who did what, went where, said this or that or something else, slept with whom, ate with whom, spoke with, sat with, went home with... why should anyone except the people directly involved be concerned with any of this much less have the urge to tell others about it?

Its so silly and i'm not afraid to say that those to partake in gossip are silly idiots too. Learn to mind your own business. Just as you wouldn't like anyone to spread stories about that ugly little wart on your arse or how you tanked your last two PPAs (that's Personal Performance Appraisal for the un-initiated), others would appreciate it too if you didn't talk about them.

Only speak of others when you have something nice to say. Otherwise, shut up.


You've really got to be a F&%KING MORON to say something like this:

Nurul: Pemuda PAS tidak akan tarik balik kenyataan

bq. Ketua Penerangan Pemuda PAS, Mazlan Aliman, ketika ditemui menegaskan bahawa DPP tidak akan menarik balik kenyataannya kerana itu adalah realiti sebenar yang berlaku di negara ini bilamana hukum Allah SWT tidak dilaksanakan.

bq. Bagi beliau, apabila hukum Allah tidak dijalankan maka Allah akan menurunkan bala dan bencana sebagai pengajaran dan peringatan kepada manusia.

Read this for more background and info.

UPDATE: Looks like Tok Guru Hadi, and not just his youth members, is a MORON too. Read Suresh's excellent argument here.

Tears and Sad Things

To those who shed a tear today, this is my advice to you:

"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade."

"Whatever doesn't kill you, just makes you stronger."

Make the best of what you have, don't let the past spoil your future, believe that "mistake" = "learning".


Mothers are a great source of information for sons who need an understanding of women simply because its easier to ask them anything without fear or shame or embarassment and chances are an honest answer will be forthcoming.

Tonight, i learned from her that women are far stronger than most men will ever give them credit.

The Last Samurai

In my mind, the two best movies i've watched this past 12 months can be narrowed down to two: LOTR: Return of the Kings and The Last Samurai.

Watched the latter last night and was entralled by the magnificent story-telling; a classic tale of ugly duckling with a nasty past overcoming the odds and becoming a better person. That formula has never failed Hollywood, and with top actors Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe at the helm, you have a mix for the blockbuster that this movie most certainly is.

If you loved Braveheart, this movie is definitely for you. I was presently surprised last night as the censors' snippers were only used once (when a bad guy lost his head in a street fight with cruise). With that many limbs being sliced up and the amount of blood flying everywhere, you would have thought more bits of the movie would have been removed. But, no, the movie is mostly left untouched and i think the audience was grateful for it.

Can't wait for the DVD to come out. This movie deserves a second viewing.

Things we can't do without

Its a Monday morning, i'm sleepy, so are you. So let's play a game:

What is the one thing you never seem to have when you need it the most?

Just leave a comment and tell me what it is. Just one word is enough. Just to kick off this dowry day.

Read on for my "one thing".

Review: 6th Cigar Dinner

What a wonderful night!

Full review in My Cigar Blog, and full pics in Visuals.

What a lousy ad!

A new ad on radio is going around; i've heard it on Hitz.fm several times already. Its the one extolling the virtues of our proud and (in)famous national car company, Proton.

"Contributed 13 billion ringgit to the Malaysian economy... created 100,000 jobs... etc..."

Puke, puke.

I don't care about these figures because in the larger scheme of things, honestly, as far as the car industry goes, they're pretty insignificant (c'mon - 13 billion ringgit, or just over US$4 billion is chump change in the auto industry).

What i do care about are:

# Why does Proton insist it requires another 20 years of Government protection? Protection for Proton = perpetually expensive cars for the Malaysian consumer.
# Why does Proton sell its cars in the foreign market for a cheaper price than what we pay here for our own "national" car? I was in Australia recently and a Proton Waja with export specs (e.g. ABS, Air Bags, etc.) costs just AUD$17,000 ++. Taking into consideration PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) principles, that's PEANUTS. For an inferior model, Malaysians are paying RM$65k ++.

Those are the questions i want answered in an ad. Whoever approved the BS we're hearing now should be fired.


Freedom of speech is about saying what you want to say, when you want to say it and in whatever means you want to say it. Quite a simple concept really. In some places, this principle is artificially curbed by law for "practical reasons" related to, often, the security of the nation. We can't allow hate speech in a country of multi-ethnic diversity can we?

Besides laws to curb speech, there are other subtle mechanisms. Don't say that which will get you in trouble with the boss at work. Don't say things which are unpopular to the mainstream. Don't go against the grain.

Sometimes i wonder which is worse. Speech controlled by laws or speech controlled by custom and culture?

Never too late

An old friend who i've ignored for far too long taught me an important lesson today, perhaps even without realizing that i was paying more attention than i looked i was: its never too late to make a difference in your life.

Sometimes the most necessary decisions in life are also the most difficult. Certainly, this creates a most uncomfortable situation, but it takes courage to do the necessary if the necessary means confronting your basest fears.

I'm glad the teacher is back in the house.

Back to horses

Just a quick thought:

What happens when the world runs out of petrol? Or when petrol becomes so scarce that it becomes too expensive for the average person? How will we commute from Point A to Point B then?

Looks like we'll be back to horses. Better start breeding them now.

Much ado about space

With the Mars rover about to begin its primary mission, and George Bush talking about setting up a permanent moon base and sending homo sapiens to Mars, the buzz has been loud and clear: a renewed interest in space and its unknown has been sparked.

Perhaps Bush Jnr. is doing it to deflect attention away from his appaling domestic and foreign policy record in an election year. Who cares. The wonderment of outer space has always been an attraction for me, and i'm cheering loudly in its continued exploration.

Whatever happened to Malaysia's plan to send someone into space? Once again with talk about the Moon and Mars, Malaysia Boleh Inc. is more than just a couple steps behind.

I'm home!

Got back from my long Aussie adventure yesterday! It's great to be home, there is no place like Malaysia i reckon. Barring the couple of hundred office emails i've got to attend to, Malaysia looks and feels exactly the same as before. How much could a place change in 24 days anyhows? :)

6th Cigar Dinner

Thanks to the efforts of my loving Baizura, the 6th Cigar Dinner is ON! It promises to be a fantastic evening just like every dinner prior and any lover of fine cigars, delightful cuisine and magnificent company should attend.

Even if you don't have a taste for cigars, it might be a good evening out with a slight change of pace. You'll get a chance to meet some very interesting people and perhaps even do some precious networking. I know of more than one business deal that has been sealed over previous dinners!

Full details are here.

I found its meaning

Tonight, i found what i was looking for. I came to Australia with a purpose to be with my family. I found that the moment i met them. Tonight, i found what it meant to be a family.

Sometimes, we are blessed with perfect moments. Life rarely is perfect, and with all the death and destruction we see in the world today, perhaps that illusive perfection seems even more impossible to discover than it should be. But in the microcosm that is a family, there is where we can experience such moments with absolute clarity.

A simple BBQ in the backyard, the company of parents, sister and uncle and aunt. The taste of a good meal, the banter of cheerful laughter, the meeting of thought and expression among people tied through the bonds of blood and life. A bowl of plain ice cream with pleasantly sweet mangos. A glass of sparkling grape juice.

Not a care in the world. Perhaps tomorrow will be different. But i'm glad i was given tonight.

Funny football

This is the most hilarious soccer story i've read... ever! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Its so funny because its TRUE!!

No iPod, not now

Was thinking about getting an iPod but now i'm not sure. Anybody thinking about investing RM$1,200++ on one, or anyone already owning one should be aware of iPod's Dirty Little Secret (its quite shocking i assure you). (More info here)

The HEAT!!!

Survived a 41 degrees celcius summer heat wave today. It can get very, very hot here in Australia. Can't remember the last time i experience such heat! Having said that, today is probably nothing compared to what Muslims experience during the Hajj.


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