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Watching planes

Me: I'm going to KLIA (to conduct some business).
Her: I want to come along.
Me: Why?
Her: Because i want to see the planes.
Me: Huh?!

We didn't see a single plane the whole time. Women are such strange beasts, eh? ;)

Weird science

Time travel, atmospheric weapons, and tesla coils. You'll find them all here in this fantastic read! (only geeks need click)

Smoking kills

The national "Tak Nak" ("Say No") government campaign against cigarettes is a RM100 million punt with a singular message: Smoking kills.

Let's think about it for a moment. Eating fatty foods kills too. I'll wager, that more Malaysians die from heart disease and fat-clogged arteries each year than lung cancer. And, yet nothing is said about banning the "i'm lovin' it" McDonald's ads or the "Reward your curiousity" Vanilla Coke ads, or even closing down the 24-hour mamak stalls that sells ghee-soaked roti canai, or the Chinese fried kuey teow shops (have you seen the amount of oil that goes into those things??) -- patently unhealthy foods, when taken in large and consistent amounts, will most definitely increase the possibility a person will suffer some form of coronary failure.

A pack of smokes equals one cheeseburger. Don't be surprised. Its true.

Smoking is certainly not a healthy habit. But i reckon that its become an easy target over the years. Politicians love to pick on it, the masses love to hate it, and smokers themselves tend to be too embarassed to stand up for their rights.

There is a mismatch of priorities. People should be taught to be more afraid of fat than tobacco.


During a scene in Everybody Loves Raymond last night, Raymond and his wife find themselves with absolutely nothing to say to each other and this leads to some awkward moments. It was hilarious.

And very thought provoking too. I've been in those situations before with a love one, and it can be quite awkward, sometimes embarassing even. We both know we're don't have anything to say, but still we try to make polite (and virtually pointless) conversation.

What do you say when you have nothing to say?


An interesting Malaysian blog has come to my attention via PPS. Itchyhands.com is a good read; highly recommended.

bq. ‘Itchy Hands’ is a Malaysian expression to describe people who are curious and love to mess about with stuff.


What would you reckon is the most complicated/complex piece of clothing?

I reckon its our shoes. Shoes are put under tremendous pressure each time we use them for walking, running, or just standing on them. That they (well, at least the good ones) don't buckle and break and are able to provide protection and comfort, is an engineering marvel.

Salute to the common shoe.

An open letter

As a general rule, fools talk rubbish.

As a general rule, anyone who thinks they know me through the things i publish on my blog is a fool.

As a general rule, spreading rubbish is fitnah. If you're a Muslim, don't do it. If you're not a Muslim, don't do it; its bad karma.

Siapa yang makan cili akan terasa pedas-nya.

Review: 7th Cigar Dinner

The 7th Cigar Dinner was great fun! Read the full review in My Cigar Blog, and view the full pic gallery in Visuals.

Being obese

I hate being obese, and yet whenever i try to do something about it, i just fall deeper and deeper into a state of overweight-depression. The defense mechanism against that is to forget about it. That seems to work for a while until the next time i look into the mirror.

It sucks being fat. I saps the confidence, it makes shopping for clothes an embarassing experience, and it makes me second guess everything i eat. I wish i had more time to exercise and the will power to eat less.

Diminishing returns

The law of diminishing returns is a fancy way of saying the first french fry always tastes better than the last.

Sinful gambling

After the remarkable 2-3 result in the Man United v Middlesbrough game last night, the bookies must be in esctasy. With most people betting on Man United to win, the result will be quite a welcome on.

But it got me thinking: Gambling is haram in Islam. But is betting on a sports team to win always "gambling"?

Let me put it to you this way: Is investing in the performance of a sports team gambling? Is it any different from investing in the performance of a company on the stock market?

PAS in Power

Its been reported that Pak Lah has instructed BN to prepare for a general election. It can't be long away. With this in mind, today's buzzing question is: What will Malaysia be like if PAS comes to power?

Here are just some of the changes that may occur:

# The public transport system will become even more messed up now that all buses, LRTs, trains, taxis, etc. have to be occupied by only one gender at the time. The jam-packed intermixing, touching and close proximity that happens in buses and the LRT during rush hour is unIslamic.
# Public executions become common. A mother takes 45 minutes to die after being stoned to death in the parking lot of Central Market. She was hit by 465 pebbles and bled to death as her husband and children watched on. Amnesty International immediately condemns the act and puts Malaysia on its pariah-list.
# Malaysia immediately breaks off international relations with the USA, Britain and Egypt. The first two because of their attacks on Muslim countries in recent years and Egypt because they signed the Camp David Accord in 1978. Discussion is ongoing about how to deal with the traitorous Saudi Arabia (they contribute billions of dollars to the American economy annually and allow the Holy Land to be used as a base of attack on Muslim countries).
# Barisan Nasional cronies are all put out of a job. The ACA becomes super-efficient. PAS cronies fill the inevitable void. Politics will always be politics regardless of who is in power.

Elections are coming, my fellow Malaysians. Don't forget to register and let your vote count.


This is SO TRUE! If i could do things over in my life, i would have made more time for sleep, especially during my younger days as a child and teen.


Everybody and their grandmamas have a "family cure" for the common cold.

My family cure is to pump the sick one full of double boiled chicken soup. Tried that over the weekend and it failed. I'm still suffering with a blocked nose, cough, sore throat and mild muscle pain.

Anyone care to share with me your "family cure"?

A Chinese Prophet

Today's buzzing question is: Why did Allah make an Arab His last prophet i.e. the Prophet Muhammad? This led to another question: The Chinese race in the 6-7th Century were among the most powerful, advanced and civilized on Earth. Wouldn't a Prophet from among them have a much stronger impact on the course of human history? China controlled Asia, and if some accounts are to be believed, they were even the first people in the Americas. With their solid reputation as traders and with their influence over Asia, a Chinese prophet, arguably, would have been much more successful than the Prophet Muhammad in building a far-reaching Muslim empire.

The final question that comes to mind: how did Islam reach China and how is the practice of Islam tolerated today in the otherwise Communist China?

Meals on wheels

This is the reason why i'm fat. Too many ringgit spent over my youngers days for meals on wheels! :)

Invitation to 7th Cigar Dinner!

Its that time of month again and the 7th Cigar Dinner is here! Things promises to be different and spicier this month - if you have an interest in cigars, good food, and wonderful company, this is the social gathering for YOU!

Go to My Cigar Blog for full details.

All the King's men and horses...

The good thing about long public holidays is that it gives family a chance to get together and talk. Aunts and uncles i've not seen in months converge, have a meal and generally chit-chat outselves silly.

The topic invariably turned to marriage (and when mine was going to happen!)and although much was said, the most important lesson i learned was how marriages stick together.

An uncle who has been happily married for 27 years. An aunt for 25. Another aunt for 28. What was their secret?

"We give each other space, we let the other be their own person, do the things they want and have to do," I was told. Sagely nods followed all around.

"A happy marriage sees both partners support each other in times of need, regardless of the personal sacrifice that demands," another aunt quipped. Sagely nods followed all around.

"We're too old to find other partners," one added. Roars of laughter followed all around.

Family. Don't you just love them?

One trick pony?

It just occured to me that PAS looks like "a one-trick pony":http://www.suaramalaysia.com/archives/002844.html : all they want is an Islamic state with Islamic laws.

To prove their sincerity, i wonder whether they would dissolve their opposition to the Government and join BN should BN ever agree that an Islamic state is the way to go for Malaysia.

Methinks not. Being politicians wanting to remain relevant and in a job, they'll just find something else to oppose.


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