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Sucker products

This world is full of sucker products looking for suckers to buy them.

A colleague was raving about "Vitamin-C enrinched tea leaves" during a coffee break this morning.

I looked at him and asked: How's that possible since tea leaves are dried with heat and vitamin-C breaks down when exposed to heat.

He looked at me strangely after that. Am i the sucker or is he?


A hilarious read from long time funny-man, TV Smith.

Would you speed-date?

True love

I spent a quiet evening last night with thoughts of mom in my mind.

Over the years, i admit i've been no angel. I've lied to her, i've gone against her instructions, i've shouted at her, i've argued with her (and been proven wrong, always), i've basically done and said a whole bunch of nasty things that i shouldn't have.

Every once in a while, i would have a chance to spend some time with her, just her, and i would say:

Me: I'm sorry for all the bad things i've done (to you).
Mom: Its ok; i love you all the same.

A mother's love for her child is the benchmark for true love. I'm sure most of you will agree.

World of Warcraft

Anyone know where i can sign-up for and/or participate in the open BETA for World of Warcraft?

What you wish for

Muslims believe that what they wish for is their doa. Allah decides at His ultimate discretion whether to grant our wishes or not. Certainly, reason enough to be careful for what we wish for, eh?

* We wish for political and economical stability in our nation, but what we get is an authoritarian government that tramples our basic rights in the name of that "stability" we so desire
* We wish for a bit more love and attention from our loved one, but what we get is someone who loves us so much it leads to paranoid jealously

The virus that gets me

I had to succumb sooner or later. There are simply too many digital viruses out there for me to dodge them all forever. This is the one that finally gets me, even after all my due diligence to avoid getting hit:

Netsky Worm
The Netsky Worm delivery vehicle - a harmless looking email

Silly me, i went and clicked on the link thinking that it was indeed an email message. Within seconds, the virus had infected my whole hard drive and began sending out copies of itself to people in my address book. It took me a second later to disconnect myself from the Internet, but to those who receive an email from me that looks like the one above, my apologies (and pls don't click the link!).

Its taken me near 5 hours of cleaning to get rid of the mess. What a complete waste of time.

Watching Sepang

There is a first time for everything, and there's a last time for everything. Once in a while, both turn out to be the same thing at the same time.

Watching the F1 races at Sepang last weekend was one such time.

Bad day

Today is a pissing bad day. Very, very bad.

3 years of good work went down the tubes in less than 10 minutes; i saw it happen in front of my eyes, and i still couldn't believe it.

Where to now BA?

An excellent commentary from Raja Petra Kamaruddin about the aftermath of GE2004. I don't necessarily agree with everything he writes, but this is the stuff you definitely won't find in the local newspapers. A must read.

Thanks to naylius for the pointer.

Massive victory

The 11th General Elections of Malaysia wrapped up yesterday, and save for some recounts, it went just about as expected with a massive BN victory.

* At stake were 219 parliamentary and 505 state seats. The BN total reached 195 parliamentary and 448 state seats at 7.50am.
* PAS leader Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang lost his parliamentary seat in Terengganu
* PAS information chief Datuk Dr Haron Din lost in his bid for a state and parliamentary seat in Perlis
* Barisan reclaims Terengganu which it lost in 1999
* (unofficial, lots of recounts going on) In Kelantan, which has been under PAS rule for 14 years, BN says it has taken 23 of the 45 state seats
* Parti Keadilan Nasional lost its parliamentary voice when all its parliamentary candidates were rejected by the voters, except for party president Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail in her Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat where a recount would be done today

The people have spoken, now BN better deliver. 4 years till the next elections is a very short time in real politiks and the people will remember promises made and broken; just ask Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang. On a side note, i hope you bought some shares on the stock market last week. The KLSE is going to be a Boom Town today.

Review: 8th Cigar Dinner

It was a fantastic night. Read the testimony here, check out the pics in Visuals.

Learning from America

There is definitely something we could learn from the Americans when it comes to conducting an election campaign: fair play.

Let's not mince words: BN doesn't cheat but that doesn't mean they play fair either. I fully expect a romp for BN come polling day; it would surprise me if BN doesn't get back seats it lost in 1999.

But look at the way they've done it as far as the election campaign has been run:

* Barely two weeks official notice is given to the Opposition of the impending elections; that severely cuts into the time they have to campaign the electorate.
* The media is flooded with BN advertisements -- perhaps its because only BN has the financial muscle to afford RM100k per week full page ads in The Star. But if there's such a disparity in the opposing parties, why hasn't SPR put a cap on campaign financing, as exists in the US. Equal access to equal monies would make the playing field much more level.
* Ads on TV and radio. Again this costs big bucks. But, in the name of fair play, the SPR should force any TV or radio station airing an ad for one party to give equal air time to the Opposing party, even if they can't afford to pay for it. Again, this is the practice in the US and i reckon its a pretty decent rule.

BN will win again, most probably by a major landslide, and in most circumstances, this is a deserved win. I'll be happy with this result -- this country needs stability rather than a buck in the smooth ride we're having right now. But the win won't be one won fairly, and this leaves a sour taste in the mouth. How democratic is a system where the richer incumbent holds all the aces in the pack of cards?


This picture deserves a good laugh!

But if you're having a bad day, then maybe this pic would better describe how you're feeling.

Chinese radio

A couple of day ago, i happened to tune into a Chinese radio station. The station were taking callers about listeners' opinions about the coming GE2004. One particular comment struck me as particularly poignant.

The caller said that the Chinese community were afraid of the Malay voters in the coming elections because the Malays are easily influenced by religion-based campaigns. Malaysians should vote as Malaysians taking into consideration all that it means to be a Malaysian, living in the multi-faceted society that we live in.

The Chinese community fears the Malay vote??

No further proof of the NEP's failure is necessary.

FREE F1 Tickets!

A shameless plug here for PETRONAS. But i reckon a worthy one because it gives you an EASY chance to win some F1 tickets worth RM500 (got 10 tickets to give away).

To get those tickets:

Read this for instructions.

Submit a comment here answering the question, "Who will win the F1 GP Malaysia?"

Add this line, "I READ THE VOI -- I WANT THE TICKETS" at the bottom of your comment, and i GUARANTEE you'll stand a better chance of winning those tickets (hehehe... i'm one of the contest judges...).

Kelantan not this

Kelantan is NOT like this, regardless of how much the media says it is.

I'm no PAS lover, but i can't stand it when a whole people are so badly misrepresented.

2 cases of stupidity

Case 1

Some people talk and talk and talk. Then they think and think and think. Then they talk a whole lot more about what they are thinking, then talk about the results of their talking and talk about what to do next. Then, after all that talking, all the end up with is just another stupid solution.

Sounds familiar? I'll bet this happens in more offices than just mine.

Question: Is it possible to talk yourself stupid?

Case 2

I'm part of a multi-community project; i lead my own community and interact with the other community leaders to make decisions that effect us all. Our self-appointed chairman is an ass -- the problem is that most others think he's God.

So, they agree to his stupid ass plans without question. That makes them stupid too. What amazes me is how these community leaders are able to convince their community members to go along with such stupid plans? Its possible that the leaders are stupid, but can all their followers be stupid too?

Question: Is stupidity infectious?

Super-Question: Is there a culture of stupidity going around?

Khalifah Project

This is really interesting: the Khalifah Project.

"How to raise children of excellent character while helping to solve the many problems facing today’s world."

Looks like a good resource for Muslim parenting. Thanks baizura for the pointer.

Something's gotta give

Romance is in the air. Two quotable quotes in two days? Remarkable!

(Whispered during a scene in "Something's Gotta Give")

Me: I want to grow old with you.
Her: * speechless * Wow. Thanks.

8th Cigar Dinner!

The invitation to the 8th Cigar Dinner has been released! It promises to be a wonderful event: an 8-Course Chinese Seafood dinner awaits. Not to be missed!

BO me

Body odour has always been a problem for me. I bathe at least 3 times a day - once in the morning, once when i get home from work (wish i could have a shower at work too), and once before i go to sleep at night. I scrub, and scrub; i've spent a fortune on soaps and deodorants. Nothing seems to work.

My latest tactic in the BO War -- spraying deodorant directly onto my clothes. That seems to be working, for now at least.


Every once in a while, i hear something that just makes my day. Today is one such occasion.

Her: You're my therapy.
Me: * speechless * Wow. Thanks.

Ami Vitale

This is a BRILLIANT website; the images blew me away. If you only visit one site today, do yourself a favour and let this be it.

...13 days and counting

Just a few quick thoughts to ponder on as GE2004 approaches in 13 days time.

1. Protest votes won't win this election
A fair number of urban votes will go against BN this year around, but i reckon most of them will be what i call "protest votes" -- votes in protest/dissent due to disagreements with current BN policies. This won't be enough to win. To contrast, a majority of the votes in Kelantan and Terengganu will be votes "for" the Opposition and that's why they will do well there.

If opposition is ever going to win a general election in this country, they will need to transform "protest" votes into "for" votes.

2. Elections are rarely won on single-issue battles
And GE2004 will be no different. In my mind, the Opposition has used the last 4 years to whip BN on the Islamic state issue. But that's the whole problem with them: they ONLY have that one issue in their favour. To win a general elections, or to even make greater inroads than before, Opposition is going to have to do much, much more: tell the people what they intend to do about healthcare, economics (macro & micro), unemployment, welfare, taxes, etc, etc, etc.

Constant pounding on the Islamic state issue will allow them some success, but it won't be enough. Voters care about the Hereafter, but they also want to know what you're going to do for them in the Here and Now.

3. Opposition while young, BN when older
This is an interesting observation i've made. During my uni days, i noticed many, many people supporting the Opposition. The moment they graduate, start work and get exposed to the "real-world" they suddenly switch their allegiances. Many of my once-PAS supporting friends are now all staunch BN.

I wonder why is that?

A grill wok

The cooking bug bit me and my impian recently and that prompted us to go out and buy a brand new grill cooking pan. And boy, its a fantastic little addition to the kitchen, i tell you!

Cooking the chicken on the grill
Cooking the chicken on the grill

To experiment, we grilled some chicken over the weekend and it turned out great. Get a couple of fillet breast chicken from the supermarket then marinate it for 30 minutes (my impian's recipe) with the following mix (pounded together in a batu lesung or blended in a food mixer):

Raping men

I'm curious: does Malaysia have laws allowing for the fact that men could be victims of sexual rape?

A quick chat with a lawyer friend this morning made things even more confusing; Malaysia might not have any provisions protecting men from rape because the Malaysian Penal Code describes rape as "a penis forcibly entering a vagina" -- this could suggest that women are incapable of raping men!

If we look into Islamic law, it probably gets even murkier. Punishment for sexual crimes (excluding adultery and consensual sex) seem to be upon men, on the assumption that men will perform the crime, never women.

GE 2004 Polling Day!!


Voting Day (V-Day) for all eligible Malaysian voters for the year 2004 will be 21 March 2004. There were some rumours that the government wanted to get things over with before the start of the F1 - but since that's impossibly too soon, looks like many people will have to choose between during their patriotic duty and watching the Final Race of the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix.

What bad timing... * sigh *

Knight Online

During a meeting with a local games company yesterday (PETRONAS is looking to diversify its business?? Hahahaah... NOT), i learned some very interesting facts about the local online gaming industry.

By most estimates, there are upwards to 200,000 active online gamers in Malaysia. I found this figure astonishing, since there are about 4 million Internet users; 5% is a very large cut of the pie. Secondly, many of these gamers are willing to pay-to-play; subscription fees to play their favourite online games. For example, when Knight Online comes out of open beta, a gamer will be charged RM38 a month to play this MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

Do the math => 100,000 active gamers x RM38 per month = RM3.8 million a month, approx. RM40 million a year.

That's a fantastic business to be in. Things have come a long way from the 20 sen i used to feed into the arcade machines after school, eh?

These last few days, i've been playing Knight Online and its fun. Anyone here plays it too? Look for me when you're online; i'm a Level 15 Magician named Elfinity. I can be usually found at the river right outside Moradon blasting Werewolves.

House is done

The Malaysian parliament will be dissolved tomorrow (4th March 2004). Elections are immediately imminent and soon we will be asked to vote in the next government of Malaysia. The burden of this country's future over the next 4 years is firmly on our shoulders now. Let's not shirk our responsibility.

Women in pairs

The question of the day in the office this morning:

Why do women go to the toilet in pairs?

I've noticed it happens less frequently nowadays in the office environment, but when i was in school and university, young ladies hardly ever go to the toilet without bringing along a friend.

This morning i discovered that some guys do it too. One to handle the equipment and another to wash up afterwards? Gross. ;)

The Malay Dilemma

This is a very good read - the Malay Dilemma (or lack of it, perhaps?) from the perspective of a young Malaysian lady. Reading it made me realize that things have changed so much without really making a difference.

Thanks me blip for the pointer.

An MPO night

Classical music always brings the best out of me. Sitting, eyes closed, allowing the music to wash and flow over me, i can't help but feel at ease; for that brief moment, all my cares in the world disappear. Memories, long forgotten, come flooding back, promises long broken, remembered once more.

Such a beautiful experience should never be enjoyed alone. What a night, what a night!

Heaven on Earth?

Could this be heaven on Earth?

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