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Google Goes Public

Google has finally filed its IPO. Time to call your broker, NOW!

PPS is on its way

Project Petaling Street is on the road to recovery! Its going to look more or less the same, but with a few modifications:

# Getting rid of the Cakap-Cakap Forums - going to replace it with a simple bulletin board system.
# PPS Categories are out too. I've found that users don't really bother pinging any other category except "Latest Updates".
# Integrating XML news feed from Google News.
# Upgrading the PPS membership db - unfortunately this means that old members will need to re-register. Really sorry for the inconvenience.


# Need someone who understands PHP/MySQL to offer some help to create a script to search the ping db.
# A failsafe system to avoid multi-pings?
# A more sophisticated auto-pinging solution?

Its not quite ready yet to accept new pings. Another day or so is required. Thanks to all for your emails of support and offers to help. I really appreciate it.


Its sometimes the simplest things in life that give us the most joy. Its also sometimes true that the joyous moments are so because of the moment their in; the same moment in another time may not bring as much happiness. And sometimes, the two come together: the simple things at the right time brings a happiness that words have yet been penned to describe.

For me, for this moment, just right now, what makes me truly happy is the sight of a fresh, new crispy bedsheet covering my bed. A night of joyous slumber beckons.

Cheap v Cheaper

Her: Wow! That Christian Dior bag is SOOOO cheap!
Me: How much is it?
Her: RM739 - i thought it would cost thousands.
Me: Just because its cheaper than what you thought, that doesn't make it cheap! :)

Absolute cheap v relative cheap.

SMS crap

When the second season of Akademi Fantasia kicks off later this year, and when Malaysian Idol is shown on 8tv, you can almost bet that what's happening to the current season of American Idol will happen here too.


It is my utmost regret to inform everyone that PPS is down for at least a week. The system has been very unstable lately resulting in many users having problems pinging PPS. I hope to get it back up within the next 7 days. Pls visit Project Petaling Street for the full explanation and more detail.

Gmail Explained

Google's planned Gmail has taken a lot of flack from privacy advocates. I reckon, the following is a superb answers to its critics:

bq. If you haven't tried it, it sounds creepy. But after a week of testing the prerelease version of Gmail, I'm on the other side of the fence. Gmail isn't an invasion of privacy, and its ads are preferable to the giant blinking banners for diets and dating services that are splashed across my other Web mail accounts. - Read My Mail, Please, MSN Slate

Male knickers

I had a freaky experience yesterday: i went shopping for underwear and i found myself feeling terribly inferior as i saw the "packages" sported by the male models on the boxes of the various underwear brands.

To put it succintly, the underwear they were modelling looked as though they were bursting at the seams. The whole experience made me feel a lot "smaller" than i thought i was; i just grabbed the box with the least revealing packaging and ran for the payment counter!

I wonder whether women feel the same way when they shop in the lingerie department, what with all the posters and pictures of mostly-nude women.


Yikes this is nasty!

What is "toothing" = 'Toothing is a form of anonymous sex with strangers - usually on some form of transport or enclosed area such as a conference or training seminar. 'Toothers meet by first connecting suitable equipment - such as a modern phone or palmtop computer. Users 'discover' other computers or phones in the vicinity and then send a speculative message. The usual greeting is: 'Toothing?'.

If the other party is interested, messages are exchanged until a suitable location is agreed - usually a public toilet, although there are tales of more adventurous spots such as deserted carriages or staff areas. What happens next is up to you!

Thanks sunny for the pointer

Kuantan Highlights

Will be in Kuantan over the next 5 days. Will be staying in the city, at MS Garden. Need some suggestions:

# Best place for seafood dinner?
# Best place to buy seafood products -- e.g. keropok leko, ikan masin, keropok mentah, etc.
# What is there to do at night in Kuantan? Anywhere to go (e.g. pasar malams), anything interesting to see?

Thanks for the info!

Party on the Beach

What a wonderful weekend! Thanks to the ever-diligent Pip (with a helping hand from her supporting cast of many), we celebrated the marriage of Ifwan and Loly in style!

On the beach, Desa Lagoon, Port Dickson. Fantastic fun! Full pics can be found in Visuals.

Google the Internet God

If you thought Google was the search engine king, well, you've sorely underestimated its value and position in the Internet; search is "peanuts" to Google.

Kottke makes a brilliant analysis of what Google is and what it will become. I agree with him 100% -- when Google becomes the Internet God (and the OS God, for that matter; oh hell -- the God of Computers Everywhere in the World is a more likely title) in 10 years time, you're going to wish you had a couple of its shares.

Fantastic advice

For men on the dating trail, this website provides some EXCELLENT advice; top-notch get-that-woman-of-your-dream plans! Best taken with a pinch of salt and a lot of good humour! :)


(don't scoff, ok?)

Alpha Males

I really disagree with this woman, but i think her post is a good read. Should we demote Alpha Males to the back of the pack?

Quick mind

Just like the body, the mind needs exercise too. Different people perform this exercise in different ways, and i do mine by writing, debating and playing the violin.

The writing i do is obvious -- its my blog(s) -- the Volume of Interactions, My Cigar Blog, and MyNUFC.net. I love writing; it gives me a chance to think aloud in a space that is mine alone. It helps me remember the past; forgetting or ignoring one's history is the surest way to failure.

I don't competitively debate or public speak anymore, but i try to find some time to pass on my experience to others in my alma mater, UIAM, whenever i can. I remember when i was starting out as a debater the times when my seniors would take time off their busy schedules and families to come and be with us, to train us, and improve us. Any success i had as a debater was because of them. I hope that, someday, someone will be able to say the same about me. Its the natural order of things -- student learns from teacher, one day, student becomes teacher, and the cycle begins once more.

For my very own personal enjoyment (very, very few people have heard me play), i take to the violin. If there ever was an instrument to keep the mind at a razor's edge, this would be it. Admittedly, i'm not very good, but that's besides the point -- what matters is the passion. The twirling fingers over the strings, the flashing bow, the harmony of God-given, Man-created music from my 1975 Gotz. Very few things get better than this.

I've never liked to say never. But i suppose the way i feel for these three things come quite close -- i would like to never have to give them up.

All-new website

I've just revamped the official Newcastle United FC Malaysia Supporters website - looks kinda spiffy if i may say so myself. Check it out at http://www.mynufc.net. Feedback welcome.

The highlight of the revamp is the hosting of the Unofficial EPL Malaysia Bulletin Board - a nice little place for footie enthusiasts in Malaysia to cakap-cakap bola.

9th Cigar Dinner Invitation

The 9th Cigar Dinner invitations are out! You're welcome to join the Cigars Malaysia community for a fine evening out. Full details can be found on My Cigar Blog.

New dream

I've got something new to strive for: my own little island. Loved watching Gilligan's Island when i was younger, and it would be a dream come true to have one myself. Not too expensive either, just US$100,000 to get one decent sized island in Canada.

Unrelated: Has David Beckham been sowing his wild oats behind Victoria's back? There wouldn't be smoke if there wasn't a fire, i always say.

Ifwan and Lolyta

Congratulations to Ifwan and Lolyta on your wedding! My prayers are with you for a long and loving marriage.

Ifwan and Lolyta, the dashing newlyweds
Ifwan and Lolyta, the dashing newlyweds

Gongkapas Times

This is a bloody good piece of writing. Not to be missed.

Unrelated: I wonder what happens when a bunch of bloggers get together? From experience, it seems that we're better known by our Blog Names than our actual names!

Me: Hi, i'm Aizuddin.
Fellow blogger: Who?
Me: The Volume of Interactions
Fellow blogger: Ahhhh!

Would love to attend the Saisaki meet, but can't confirm right now. Seems fully booked already? More than 20 people have already signed up?

JI on TV3

I've been thinking about this since i saw it aired on TV3 prime time over the weekend, and after reading Nik Nazmi's recent post, i feel a need to respond.

From the Malay Mail:

bq. On Friday night, four Malaysian JI members held in Indonesia – Mohamed Nasir Abbas, Amran Mansor, Jaafar Anwarul and Shamsul, confessed to their involvement in the clandestine network.

bq. In the pre-recorded televised confession, they said they were misled into believing a new brand of Islam propagated by JI.

What a mess

This is a massive mess. Still collating my thoughts on the matter and will post them later, but i suggest you read this first: the Low Yat bulk order scam.


I was a pretty geeky kid. Specs, belly, pimples, i used to stutter a lot, i played chess, and i read fantasy novels. There wasn't much to look forward to going to school each day (i was bullied a lot), except for that early morning bus ride.

For some God forsaken reason, the school bus (a small little orange number), picked me up first each morning at the crack of dawn before making the rounds to pick up the other kids. I didn't mind one bit, because i was going to see Her.

Wow cool!

Free long distance phone calls over the internet by the same guys who brought us Kazaa. Wonder whether this works as well as they say.

UPDATE: Yes, this thing works very well. Chatted with a random someone from Ipoh last night and the sound quality was excellent, much better than Yahoo Messenger Voice Chat, or anything else i've used. The interface and usability mirrors a regular phone; imagine your PC as a phone and you've got Skype. Truly amazing. Wow. Speaking to my family in Australia will be very affordable now.

NS doesn't change much

I was visiting the International Islamic University Malaysia (UIAM) over the weekend for some activities with their university debaters. Apparently, UIA is one of the centers for the National Service training programs. What i saw disappointed me.

At the cafe, the Chinese NS participants were sitting with their Chinese friends, the Malays with the Malays, the Indians with the Indians. Its true that you can't force people to be friends, but isn't this the exact sort of behaviour NS was supposed to solve?


I sense a storm in a teacup brewing. What the hell is the big deal? Worried about your privacy, then just don't use Gmail. Simple as that. Want the 1GB storage space, then you've got to put up with the fact that some machine is reading your incoming mail.

April Fool on the Web

We had a pretty good collection of unbelievable April Fool hoaxes on the Web this year. And no, Google's offering of a 1GB free web-mail service isn't one of them.

Google's real April Hoax was pretty damn funny though!

Formula 1 Pics

Was at the races last month. Thank God for the company i kept, otherwise i think i would have died of boredom. Full review here, pics in Visuals.


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