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A permanent seat for Muslims

On the surface, Rajan is right -- the OIC proposes that the UN give Muslims a permanent seat on the security council -- this does sound wacky. Making religion a criteria for permanent status on the council is a ridiculous notion that sets the UN up on a slippery slope for disaster; in an era when a post 9-11 world, a post Iraq & Afghanistan war world, is trying to reduce religious polarization, this proposal is counter-productive at best, and simply downright silly at worst.

But there is too little detail on offer for now to make a valued judgement. Is the OIC asking for a permanent non-veto seat? How is the OIC going to rotate the one seat amongst its member nations? What are the objectives of the OIC for such a seat?


Hello world, meet Jess! 2 month old persian/pariah mix.



Cruel and Unusual

One of the more graphic articles i've read in the local newspapers. Sheesh -- whipping sounds painful.

"Whipping convicts is much more difficult, because you really have to do it with a lot of ‘power’. The harder the better. If he holds back even one notch, the officer fails in his duty.
"That’s why all whipping officers are tall and big bodied," said Wahid, 35, who himself looks like a military commando.
He has been whipping convicted criminals for eight years. All strokes of a caning sentence must be executed in a single stretch with about 10 seconds between each. The highest number of strokes for a criminal offence is 24.
"You have to be very focused, because there is a very small area to hit. The area of the buttocks is 10 inches by 8 inches. If you don’t hit it exactly right, you might hit part of the (wood) frame.
"This will be counted as a stroke anyway; except that the prisoner has not got the full force of justice.
"And, when you have made contact with the buttocks, you must drag the tip of the rotan along the skin to break it."

Moral of the story: Wanna be bad? Don't. It really hurts when you get caught.

Undiscovered blogs

Once in a while, i come across some completely wonderful blogs: Mindvistas is one such. A totally cool dude, i promise. ;)

A night to remember

Gosh, the PPS Anniversary was a night to remember. Not perfect, but fun. Phew. Thank God its over, life can get back to normal now. Need the whole day to recuperate. Time to visit Chakras, the spa. Pics of the Bash to come soon.

Just a laugh: Jeff won the Ping of the Year award last night for his great blog, "Screenshots vilified on Berita frontpage" -- The Star will report this next Tuesday in In.Tech! Man, if that isn't a slap in the face poofster-style, then i don't know what is. Ouch!

I should be overjoyed...

...that a reporter from In.Tech, The Star will be covering the PPS 2nd Anniversary Bash. But strangely i'm not.

In.Tech is the mecca of the local IT media -- i know loads of people who buy the whole newspaper every Tuesday and Thursday just so they can read the hard copy (instead of simply reading it online)! The buzz an article of this magnitude, plus pictures will be felt for weeks to come, and the exposure to blogs, blogging and Malaysia's bloggers will be unprecendented, especially as it comes on the back of so many related articles in past weeks.

I should be happy: its a dream come true -- from the beginning, i have called myself a blogging evangelist -- i truly believe in the power of blogs as a tool for self-improvement, and mutual-education. Surely, the press coverage will only serve to uplift and promote that purpose.

And, in some ways, it will. Then, why am i still worried? Why do i feel like this is a path that we, bloggers of now, and, the bloggers of tomorrow, have to tread with caution?

PPS Award Winners...

Well the votes have been counted, and the results are in. I thought i be a party pooper and go ahead to announce the winners of the PPS 2nd Anniversary Awards. Why spoil the suspense? Because i can!!!!!! Muahahahaahahahah!!!

And the winners are...

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! MADE YOU LOOK! (especially if you clicked here from PPS!)

ps. seriously i do know, but i'm not telling. :) The voting was very, very close, Neophyte of the Year going by a bare handful of votes to the winner.

Parody Aiz

I've been dreading the day: I've been parodied. And PPS too. What a laugh!

ps. the "chick" part isn't true; wish it were! ;)

Quoted in The Star

The NST interviewed me for an article about blogs a few days ago, and The Star interviewed me for another article that appears in the papers today:

"In Malaysia, there are at least 10,000 bloggers, according to Aizuddin Danian, 29, co-founder of Project Petaling Street (www.petalingstreet.org) or PPS as it is fondly known, a “blogtal� (blog-portal) that allows Malaysian bloggers to post updates on their latest posts, and also serves as a directory.

“Malaysian bloggers are generally a mature and responsible bunch,� said Aizuddin, who has been blogging for four years now.

“They are well-read, well-informed, and practise community censorship – correcting each other when they make mistakes.� "

I honestly believe what i said: so much bad publicity about blogs and bloggers recently, so much so that even one of our more popular bloggers has been banned by her father from going to our upcoming PPS 2nd Anniversary Birthday Bash -- its about time Malaysia is told that the majority of Malaysian bloggers make up the very best people this country has to offer.

Malaysian bloggers are, generally, eloquent, critical minded, and very mature for their age. We've even got a world-class blogger in Jeff Ooi. Good people have become better people after they started blogging -- by definition, writing requires thought, and critical thought it something that needs to be learned and conditioned. Blogging assists us with such conditioning of the mind.

The problem with the media is that they spend a lot of time talking about what's wrong with the world, and so little time with what's right with it. Perhaps that's the only way they can sell lots of newspapers -- nude bloggers, seditious bloggers, cyber-blog-stalkers, etc, etc. I don't blame them, not really. The question i ask myself: do you blame the reporter or do you blame the demands of the audience?

Kung Fu Hustle!

I've seen two truly remarkable, great movies this year. In my mind a movie that falls into this category not only entertains, but will strike at my heart with a certain panache that your run-of-the-mill Hollywood blockbuster just cannot match.

The first was Sepet, the second, Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle (trailer). The latter is a mix of Rocky, Jane Austen and the revolutionary Matrix-series.

My advice: take a quiet afternoon one weekend, have a good meal, preferably your favourite comfort food, and watch both movies back to back. You won't be sorry. Triple thumbs-up!

Blogs in the NST

Made a brief appearance in an article appearing in the NST today. Phone interview with the nice chap who wrote the piece; as usual, looks like one or two things got lost in the translation e.g. i said to him "most PPS bloggers are male between 20-40 years old, and most seem to be very well read on the evidence of their posts", it came out as "the average Malaysian blogger is a male between 20 and 40 years old from the middle class".

Hahahah... it happens. No worries. Good write up, though, giving a balanced spin on blogs in Malaysia.

ps. Appreciate the coverage given to PPS -- especially since we're just about to turn 2 years old next week!

Give it a rest, Rafidah

Front news of the NST today shows a very upset Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz, apparently up-in-arms over the fact the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council made some dubious budgeting decisions. Very much trying to portray the "hero", she said:

"Even to plant flowers, we need consultants?"

You're trying, Datuk Seri, i'll give you credit for that. But don't think the rakyat have forgotten what you said about making the AP list public.

Further reading: Who is the King of APs?, memo from DAP Secretary General, Lim Guan Eng.

The Sex Hop

Reading this led me to this -- The Great Sex Workshop -- which in turn led me to this very interesting story about how orgasms are good for health, and finally this, a virtual library of great sex stories.

Phew! I'm flush. Now you know why web geeks make great lovers. :)

Application of the Law?

Thinking aloud: if you cannot apply the law evenly, if the law only applies to those that you can catch, to those who can be caught (a subtle difference to the previous statement), then perhaps the law, or at least such severe punishment for breaking the law should be mitigated.

I'm referring to the case involving the public consumption of alcohol by a pair of Muslims and the punishment of caning meted out by the courts. Muslims drink all the time, everywhere in public -- even highly placed members of our society. There are even pictures of our nation's Muslim forefathers (you ol'timers will know who i'm referring to) enjoying a stiff drink or two during their time.

Can you imagine caning these Hi-Soc (shorthand for high-society) individuals? Can you even imagine dragging these Hi-Socs to court for drinking?

As i said earlier, just thinking aloud, is justice served when you punish those you can, while those you can't get away. Just doesn't seem fair, does it?

Woman ordered to married her rapist

Oh God! This is completely ridiculous! When news of things like this gets out, that's when the world looks at Muslims, and shake their collective heads.

Its irrelevant that the actions of a few do not necessarily represent the opinions or the general accepted norms, but for some reason, when the world sees a headline with the word "Muslim" on it, negative perceptions and emotions are triggered towards the faith as a whole.

Perhaps this is a result of many years of negative media coverage i.e. highlighting the newsworthy rather than the truth? Perhaps this is fallout from 9/11? Or from the years of persistent efforts by anti-Islam Orientalists?

Calling, Menj -- where are you?

Kudos Jeff Ooi!

Internationally recognized as being the best blog in Asia -- damn, that's better than going around the world in a boat. If that fella got a Datukship, then Jeff deserves something more. Congrats, well done, and keep it up!

As a side note, when i think about it, over the years, Malaysia has produced the very best people, terrific-ly world class people (world class people does not = world class university, twin towers, airport, etc.), in all fields: journalism, captains of industry, bowlers, Islamic banking, medicine, people who climb tall mountains, etc. There is a lot to be proud of, yes, there is. I'm proud to be a Malaysian, and in my own way, a contributing member of this society.

We are not alone?

A giant-sized "Earth" has been found, virtually next door on the celestial map! We are not alone?

A Malaysian World Class University

This is a very good read on the issue, written by a pair of truly world-class Malaysians. Thanks to Jeff Ooi for the pointer.

ps. Just a side note, does Malaysia have a world-class anything? Just thinking aloud...

Mediha's Wedding Reception

Mediha Mahmood is an exceptional young lady. I've had the privilege of being her friend for many years, and for every single moment i've spent with her, she has never failed to impress: on the debate floor she was a majestic Queen with a fearsome hammer-logical mind, as a friend and confidante, she never faltered in her loyalty and emphathy. An amazing woman, from an amazing family.

Wan Shahrul and Mediha Mahmood
Wan Shahrul and Mediha Mahmood

God bless you on your wedding, may it be the first step of a wondrous journey.

ps. It was a wedding to remember! The night of the "Prolong Saga" joke!

Nice ass

Meeting room this morning. My colleague was bending over, under the table, to fix some network cables. I looked at his nice, round ass and commented, "Nice view!" Everyone had a good laugh on an early Monday morning.

But i really can't imagine saying the same thing to a woman; actually i can't even imagine a woman who would want to crawl under the table in a room full of men.

Its interesting how gender inhibits our actions -- things we wouldn't think twice about saying or doing when we are with our own gender, are completely taboo when there are people of the opposite sex in attendance. I wonder why or how, and precisely when we, as children, developed these inhibitions.

Cheesy AFUNDI!!

Sometimes i think Malay shows on TV or cinema try to add in a twist just for the sake of doing it. Tonight's so called "twist" to the AF3-saga is particularly cheesy. Make everyone think that 2 people are going out, then suddenly announce that 2 people are being added to the Akademi. Sheesh. Lawak antarabangsa, lah. Especially, the way all the contestants started jumping up and down on the stage like show bunnies on speed when it was announced that no one was being eliminated this week. Please -- show some restraint! -- geli gila babi!!

AF is starting to read more like a bad drama script with a gameshow atmosphere, than the fun, colourful display of Malaysian musical talent that it was in the past 2 seasons.

Spa Indrani

For men, this must be the ultimate metrosexual treat!

UPDATE: A pictorial review here.

Dear Ai

Email from a colleague:

"Dear Ai,

We can meet tomorrow morning."

Hahahahah... when did i become an "Ai"??

Some people call me the darnest things. :)

Get a room!

These guys are truly a pair of colourful characters (here & here): damn, they should get a room! Nearly every other posting on their blogs blast the other person. Their issues are serious, but the way they go about it is hilarious! :)

*pass the popcorn, pls*

They are not superior

This article by Aussie journo, Sushi Das, is freakin' brilliant.

"What lies at the root of the Corby hysteria is a Eurocentric view of the world - a view that ultimately celebrates the rise and triumph of the West over the East. At the heart of this idea is an attitude that, broadly speaking, the West is dynamic, intelligent, rational, free, tolerant, honest and civilised, while the East is stagnant, ignorant, superstitious, enslaved, intolerant, corrupt and barbaric."

While Malaysia is plagued by rascism, perhaps the Australian nation is plagued with international-ism?

Ranking stupidity

Damn, this must rank as one of the most stupid, money & time wasting initiatives the Perak state government has done this year. Man, i wonder which crony made big bucks selling this dumb ass idea to Perak.


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