I should be overjoyed...

...that a reporter from In.Tech, The Star will be covering the PPS 2nd Anniversary Bash. But strangely i'm not.

In.Tech is the mecca of the local IT media -- i know loads of people who buy the whole newspaper every Tuesday and Thursday just so they can read the hard copy (instead of simply reading it online)! The buzz an article of this magnitude, plus pictures will be felt for weeks to come, and the exposure to blogs, blogging and Malaysia's bloggers will be unprecendented, especially as it comes on the back of so many related articles in past weeks.

I should be happy: its a dream come true -- from the beginning, i have called myself a blogging evangelist -- i truly believe in the power of blogs as a tool for self-improvement, and mutual-education. Surely, the press coverage will only serve to uplift and promote that purpose.

And, in some ways, it will. Then, why am i still worried? Why do i feel like this is a path that we, bloggers of now, and, the bloggers of tomorrow, have to tread with caution?


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