There is little honour in "No, no, no..."

Why am i not surprised? In any other democratic nation, when a high ranking Gvernment official has been publicly heckled and humiliated by an ex-Boss, found good reason to cry in public, booed in her own party's general assembly, its probably a good time to hang up the boots and "retire" with grace, or at least, with any last bit of remaining dignity.

It strikes me as perversely bizarre (almost S&M-like) that anyone would want to stay around anymore and endure more punishment (mark my works: there will be a lot more, Super Tun isn't done with Ma'am Razidah Aziz yet.

On the issue of APs, truly, innocence or guilt has become a secondary issue. All that remains is pride and honour, and, certainly, there is very little honour in "No, no, no."

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