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Taylor Hicks, American Idol #5

My favourite, Taylor Hicks was crowned American Idol last night, over the massively gorgeous and talented Katherine McPhee. I half expected McPhee to win the day: with her stunning good looks, it would not have been surprising for the voting public to be swayed. But the right won the day, and Taylor, who by far, was the more consistent performer over the weeks, emerged a deserving winner. Outstanding!

Taylor Hicks
The champ!

Katherine McPhee
An outstanding runner-up

Free 10-Day World of Warcraft Passes!

If you've ever wanted to try playing World of Warcraft, now is your chance. Blizzard has given me a couple of free 10-day passes to give out to anyone i choose (if you sign-up for a full account after the 10-day pass, then i get 30 days free play time). Send me an email at aizuddin(at) with the subject "WOW PASS PLS".

You'll get an email with a 10-day CD key -- get a copy of the CD installation discs from anyone (or even from your favourite Low Yat store, it doesn't have to be an original copy *wink* *wink*), install the game, use the CD key you are given, and voila, 10-days free game time for you to test the game. Its fully featured, so you'll get to experience the game 100% for 10 days.

I also have a spare 3-months game time card to sell: if you take up this offer, then i'll sell the game card to you for RM100, RM50 off the price i bought it for several months ago.

Its a fantastic time to start playing the game, as on 30 May, a batch of new Oceanic servers (servers that have their time set to +10GMT, Malaysia's is +8GMT) will be launched. This makes it easier for us in our timezone to find people to play with -- and a new server means a new, fresh start for everyone, everyone starts on an equal footing.

Teacher's Day

Its an irony that as a student i never paid heed to Teacher's Day, not even being aware of it at all each year it passed, but now as an adult, schooling days long behind me, i'm paying tribute to them as being the second most influential people in my young life next to my parents.

A salute to all my teachers past, present and future. You are the true unsung heroes of this and any society.


Road tile pebbles, rolling underfoot
Along the cobbled streets of Oxford
Gay, merry, carefree smiles
The beat of a thousand miles

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