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Seditious Sedition

Sometimes i'm embarassed to not have thought of certain things that stare at me in plain sight. This is one of them.

Sigh....if the Pharaoh had been serious about the Sedition Act then there would be no Jews today. And if there were no Jews then there would be no Isa; so there would be no Christianity. And if the Mekah government too had been serious about the Sedition Act there would be no Islam today. And since there would be no Jews, Christians and Muslims, then all 26 million Malaysians would today still be Hindus, like they were more than 600 years ago. And since we would all be Hindus there would be no problems and therefore no need for Hindraf. And as there would be no Hindraf then Barisan Nasional would not have done so badly in the 8 March 2008 general election.
And remember, the Sedition Act is used to punish those who tell the truth, not those who lie. If they lie then there are so many other laws we can use against them.
Courtesy of the RPK Satire Farm.

Marie Digby

One day, God said to His angels, "There should be music in Heaven; have I created anyone who can bring this joy?"

The angels took a day and a night, searching through all humans, past and present. They came back to God and replied, "God, you've created many musicians, but none worthy to play the music of Heaven."

God, in His infinite wisdom and charity, smiled, "So be it."

And Marie Digby was born.

David Cook Wins!

Deservedly so, David Cook is the American Idol, Season 7.

A special talent with the courage and ambition to be a winner, most other competitors found it hard to touch him this season.

Only David Archuleta came close, and he will no doubt go on to bigger and better things too, despite losing the in the final.

David Cook's winning finale performances:

David Archuleta's final performances:

Mahathir has left the house

Tun Dr Mahathir left UMNO today.

Malaysian blogs are alight with the news, awash with opinions.

Shock and awe.

What will Badawi do now?

More pressure, more pressure.

No doubt, more to follow.

Will this be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

Shall we start rolling out the red carpet for Anwar Ibrahim, all hail our new Prime Minister?

Shall we start uncurling the burial shroud for UMNO?

Total pwnage

In geek-speak, "pwnage" refers to an utter humiliation by your opponent. Looks like Datin Rosmah has been completely "pwned" by RPK's latest article.

And Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin now challenges Rosmah for her to deny this allegation. Or maybe she would like to make a police report instead. That is what they normally do anyway when they are not able to reply. Porah Rosmah. Please don't phone my cousin His Highness the Sultan of Selangor. Please don't shout at my cousin His Highness the Sultan of Selangor. The Perak Mufti said that if you do that then you are disrespectful to Islam. You are only the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister who shall never become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. This quarrel is between you and me. Leave my cousin His Highness the Sultan of Selangor out of it.
Not a good idea to insult a man whose cousin happens to your family's worse nemesis. Its hard not to sit down and have a good chuckle over this.

Some would say, Datin Rosmah "self-pwned" herself with this!

Generation Y?

From an email i received:

The Silent generation, people born before 1946.

The Baby Boomers, people born between 1946 and 1959 .

Generation X, people born between 1960 and 1979.

Generation Y, people born between 1980  and 1995 .

Why do we call the last one generation Y? I did not know, but a caricaturist explains it rather eloquently below:


Kaleebso Liveaboard!

There are still limited spots left for the liveaboard Pulau Tioman diving trip (6-8 June) on the Kaleebso.

The 2-night dive trip is a liveaboard, and it promises to be great fun! About 10 divers have already registered for the trip.

According to those whom have dived from the Kaleebso before, the matron of the boat is a great, great cook, so be prepared for some amazing feasts!

If you're interested, download the PDF (Kaleebso Pulau Tioman 6th - 8th June 2008.pdf), give them a call, and let Alex/Albert know that Aizuddin sent you. Hope to see you there!

A lawful SIN

If the BN had a mascot, iconizing all their troubles, it would probably be Khairy Jamaludin. The (in)famous SIN (son-in-law) of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. From the hallowed halls of Oxford to the bedroom of an eligible bachelorette to the seat of power in the august house of Parliament -- his rise has been meteoric. But perhaps, not so enviable.

He's been blamed for everything thats going wrong with the BN. The money politics, the corruption, the "richest unemployed man in Malaysia", the broken toilet flushes in the executive toilet in Putrajaya; all that's evil, good ol' KJ SIN is either responsible for it, or an icon for its representation. A lot to put on the shoulders of a 32 years young man.

Whether he deserves the rilling, its not my place to say. I don't know him at all, and all that i do is, at best, classified as hearsay.

But i do know this: he probably isn't a fool. While it may be argued that everything he's achieved is all about SIN, lets not take away from the fact that SIN or no, clever positioning and politikusing is required to do what he has done. If it was easy, all of us would be SINs. Its not, thats why KJ is the only SIN.

Given that he isn't a fool, he probably has a method to his apparent madness. It would do his opponents well to analyze this method, rather than blindingly responding with outbursts of their own.

Lets not forget that many great men in Malaysian politics, while perhaps not SINs themselves, have displayed moments of extreme brilliance which were, at the time, as roundedly boo'ed as being nothing but hot air and arrogance.

KJ has the potential, that much is obvious. Whether its as a jester and a fool, or perhaps a king-maker or as a king-in-waiting, we will have to see.

Crossing the Divide

Looks like mass defections are on the cards. If it happens, then BN will fall (and will likely take many years to recover, if at all), and Malaysians will, for the first time in over 50 years, be faced with a new political reality.

Heady, exciting times ahoy.

Yet another NS death

Pretty soon, acronyms for such things will become valid points of reference.

Yet Another NS Death = YANSD

If it keeps up, perhaps it'll even become a new verb.

"What happened?"
"My daughter was YANSD'ed"

So many have died under the care of the Government. While some may argue, it represents just a fraction of a percentage of those participating, even a single death should be unacceptable.

Malaysia claims to aspire to developed nation status. Well, let me tell you what would happen if something like this were to happen in the US or UK or Australia.

First, there would be a huge outrage by the Press. The newspapers would eat the story alive, fanning the flames of discontent and concern. Thousands of inches of newspaper column would be dedicated to reports, investigations, quotes, statistics and opinions.

In Malaysia, the Press is in the back pocket of the Government. Not a single editorial, no investigative reports, everything tuned down to a matter-of-fact discussion. The Press are the people's FOURTH ESTATE. They should be pulling the strings of public discussion and public opinion.

Second, public outcry over the deaths would lead to, the very least, a suspension of the entire program while an independent investigation takes place. There must be a reason why children are dying under the care of the Government. Negligence? Incompetence? Bad luck?

Its a pure shame Malaysia's National Service sucks as much as it does. Its a bigger shame that we don't seem to care enough to find out why.

Spending on Space

When Malaysia cut a deal with the Russians during the purchase of the some fighter-planes, a nifty little clause was included to send a Malaysian on a learning visit to the Russian space station. In a swift stroke of a pen, Malaysia bought the most advanced jet in the world, and also entry into outer space.

Its been recently revealed that the trip wasn't a free ride: RM39 mill was spent on a host of associated supporting activities. I can imagine what they are: the early campaign to select the candidate to represent Malaysia, the costs of the experiments conducted in space, the ensuing campaign to ensure Malaysians were kept abreast of everything that happened, and possibly, the post-trip campaign where the experience is being shared.

Was it worth it?

I would argue it was. While the right-wingers among us will argue that the money could have been better used to feed the starving underprivileged, or to subsidise education, or to do a million of other things supposedly better for the "people", it ignores the fact that the act of having a Malaysian in space is good for the people too, albeit in subtler, indirect ways.

Aspirations and dreams. For some, these are fluffy intangibles, unworthy to be compared with the reality of starving children, school-kids without books, or the poor old man left alone to die on the street. But without either, there will be nothing to bring this country to the next level -- a level where, perhaps, children will no longer need to starve, kids will have free textbooks, and social security systems will look after us all when we're old.

Aspirations is the desire to want something. I aspire to be the best in school. I aspire to go to med school. I aspire to be a doctor. I aspire to discover the cure for cancer. Dreams work in a similar way, but usually need a trigger to become active; you don't dream of something you can't imagine. And you don't aspire to something that you think you'll never achieve. By sending a man into space, the Government has given a generation of Malaysians, maybe two if we're lucky, a reason to aspire and dream.

Space, the final frontier. An unimaginable mass of emptiness. The realm of Star Wars, American space shuttles, and Russian space stations. Suddenly, Malaysia is a part of that realm, in our own small way. We have a man in space! Its not the act of putting a man in space which forms the trigger for aspirations and dreams, its the fact that that man is a Malaysian which is.

A generation of youth will have in their minds the same: if he could do it, why can't i? Certainly, nearly everyone will eventually change their minds as they mature (every kid wanted to be an astronaut, even myself, but i ended up dreaming to be a lawyer), but the reach of the mind of something beyond reach has a good chance of leading to a reality that is not too far removed from the objective. If you never aim for the bullseye, you will never hit the target board. A Malaysian in space -- thats the bullseye, big, fat and red, for thousands of Malaysian young.

Of course, none of this can be quantified today. RM39million has essentially been put on an ideal, a hope. Those who would criticize would argue this is false hope. I will say, there is nothing false about hope.

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