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Anwar is playing you for a fool

Since everything that appears on the Internet MUST BE TRUE (rustic sarcasm very much intended), allow me to play this card and put it out there: Anwar Ibrahim is playing the reverse gambit with this latest allegation of sodomy.

The alleged victim, Saiful Bukhari, was his special assistant during the March 08 elections. Pulling him aside, Anwar plotted with him: i want you to accuse me of sodomy soon after the elections are over, but before i intend to grab control of the Government.

The young, silly, impressionable pawn, readily agrees.

Everything then tumbles in Anwar's favour.

1. No Malaysian is his right mind (well no voting Malaysian, which is more precise and more important), would believe a second sodomy allegation. This is exactly what Anwar is counting on.

2. Such a obviously "false" allegation, must be orchestrated by the evil Government (who, really, can't be so moronic to come with this plan themselves -- its like taking a shotgun, putting it in their mouths, and pulling the trigger themselves). Down with the Evil Regime! Oops, i mean BN.

3. Get the sympathy of the international community. Turkey is giving Anwar "refuge" now. Countless other nations must also have offered help. Nothing stirs the shit pot of international affairs faster than a "political victim" being unfairly persecuted by the Evil Regime [insert any name of any bad boy government of any 3rd world country].

4. Push the envelope -- claim death threats too. Perhaps get a booby bonus prize if someone actually is dumb enough to try. For extra credit (if no one does make such a silly attempt), brainwash another young impressionable boy to make a lunge at him with a dagger in public. See the Evil Regime strikes again! (cue roll drums of war).

5. Rattle the cages of the rooks, knights and bishops of Parliament. The people love me now (because the Evil Regime has once again been stupid enough to accuse me of sodomy); come on over to my side, defect, and be part of the winning team. Help get rid of the Evil Regime and the people will love you too! (this is an awesome sales pitch, if you think about it).

Anwar is no fool. He has everything to gain, and nothing to lose from orchestrating a false allegation, especially for something as absurd as sodomy.

Give this whole thing a thought, people. This is Malaysian politics we're talking about. This is Anwar Ibrahim, Dr M's right hand man for so many years. Nothing is what it seems.


There is not enough said about the value of anticipation.

Sometimes, anticipating an event is just as exciting, if not more exciting than the actual event itself.

It makes you look up every so often, it makes you cast your gaze where you normally would not, it makes you care about where you are, and you'll be.

Some people get nervous while they wait, anticipation "kills" them. Learn to let go, relish it and soak in the emotion. Its pretty rare.

Juainni and her Ukelele

They say you can't pick your relatives.

Well, i'm glad to have her as my sister.

Miss you, babe.

Badawi's Judas

Anwar shows once again he learned many tricks from the old dawg Tun M: by planting a Yong in the Garden of Abdullah, we now have drama unfolding, history unprecendented. A move worthy of classic Tun M.

I wonder if Badawi's Judas was anything like the original Iscariot. Will he receive 30 pieces of silver for his work? Will he be wracked with guilt? Or will his bowels be split open in a modern day Field of Blood?

Chances are, this Ju'Yong' (c whut i did thar?) will fail in his bid to unseat the Emperor. However, just like a small tear in ream of silk, this is likely an indication of things to come.

While the political cut & thrust is on show, i can't help but wonder why its leaving such a tasteless grind in my mouth. Could it be because no matter who wins, the Rakyat loses? It took a certain character to plant the seeds of betrayal into the original Judas; probably a character no less than Satan himself. If our modern day betrayal comes to pass, i'm loath to welcome a modern day Satan onto our throne.

Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't.

PAS beginning to look silly (again)

The problem with religious do-gooders is that they take it upon themselves to legislate morality upon others.

"Thou shall not [insert moral clause here]" -- if there was a reason why i would never vote for someone who runs on a religious ticket, this would be it.

The latest round of PAS morale policing - the Sultan's Cup concert, and the Islamization of the Opposition 5.

Makes me sick to the stomach. Will Malaysia ever experience its own Renaissance. We're a couple of hundred years overdue.


Was at the cinemas yesterday, and as i saw the throng of people lining up to buy tickets, the googly mass in front of the popcorn counter, and the many other milling around waiting for their movie to start, i wondered why we were all there.

The obvious answer, to watch a movie.

The not-so-obvious, to escape the real world?

To laugh at the antic of imaginary characters on the screen, to cry with them, to feel their pain when they bled or fell from great heights, to fear, to be held in great suspense -- just a few moments of our lives when we can be somewhere else besides where we really are.

Its golden.

Diving Tioman

Pictures i took from a recent dive trip to Pulau Tioman. Click to view (requires Flash Player)

Best of the Trip, "Hermit"


Petrol is now RM2.70

Its not the end of the world, but its going to hurt, and things will need to change if the average person wants to be able to balance his finances.

When we no longer can travel

When we no longer can travel

Fuel prices are on the rise in Malaysia.

Subsidies are going to be slashed*, consumer petrol will take a bumb, ditto aviation fuel, and double ditto anything and everything (which is literally everything) remotely dependent on energy.

*Makes you wonder whether its a zero sum game: will the Government be able to "save" any money from the reduction of subsidies, and if, yes, then where will these additional funds be allocated.

Goods or services with an inflexible demand will probably not feel the pinch. This means that the local mamak shop roti canai sales will not drop an inch despite the 50sen increase in price (people need to eat), but sales of airline travel tickets will take a drastic hit (people will choose food over travel, any day).

All of this in the space of a year, all of this in the space of 5 years, back when fuel was still "cheap".**

**Taking a longer view, energy has never been "cheap" relatively speaking.

I'm looking ahead, and asking the question: will there come a time when overseas travel becomes too expensive to consider?

In 12 months from May 2007 to May 2008, aviation fuel prices have doubled, from US$80 a barrel to US$171. The increase has led to MAS charging 3-20% more for each route they fly. Will the price of fuel double again in the next 12 months? US$342 a barrel? There are no indications at this time to suggest otherwise. Will they double again the following year, and the following year, and the following year? How soon will it be before we witness the first US$1,000 barrel of fuel?

I'm pretty sure, long before that happens, the bread and butter of airlines (you and me, the average joe), will no longer be able to afford to fly, leading to the death of said airlines.

In just a few short years, our ability to travel will be gone. The portents are in the air, and it looks inevitable. You just have to wonder what other things we take for granted today will be, gone.

The Spotty Test

Imagine a white canvas representing the purity of the person in front of you. Assume white means good.

pure1.jpgWould you say the person in the canvas above was perfect, blemish-less, spotless. Pure good, worthy of everything nice you can say about him. Perfect.

How about this one? What would you think about him?

pure2.jpgWould you say he is nearly perfect? Nearly spotless. Would you think him a "good person" or not? Consider.

Lastly, what about this one? More than a few spots. Many spots, some big.

pure3.jpgIs he flawed? Less perfect, imperfect, unworthy?

If you could see every person around you as a white canvas, how would you choose your friends? Only the perfect? Or the 2-spots-or-less club?

If i could see everyone around me as a white canvas, do you know what i would do? I would look for a mirror first. Its easy to spot the spots when everyone is a white canvas. Its even easier to fall into the trap of thinking that perfection means a spotless canvas.


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