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The "debate"

I used the quotation marks in the title, because it wasn't much of a fight to begin with.

More like a steamroller crushing an insignificant insect. In the arena of world class debating, Anwar vs Shabery was a no contest: Anwar won by a clear trashing.

Logic and clear thinking always wins against personal attacks.

Poise and calm diction always wins against fluttered frothing.

An ability to answer to the dynamics of the debate always wins against a desperate clutch on a prepared script.

A steady, unassuming wingman always wins against a Tan Sri who did everything to show he didn't deserve the title.

PKR should can the footage of the debate and replay it 1,000 times across the country.

BN should reconsider ever allowing a lightweight debate a heavyweight. The results weren't pretty.


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