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Saw the most interesting bumper sticker just now:

"God allows u-Turns"

A great reminder to end 2008, and start those new year resolutions ticking for 2009.

Happy New Year 2009.

Abusing the "Love"

Over the radio this morning, i cringed as the word "love" was used again and again, haphazardly slung about like a cheap 4-letter whore. Everyone was in the Christmas mood, DJs were trying to get their listeners in the swing of things, "i love you", "love you, love you, love you" -- the "L" word being abuzz like a faint hum of bees in the distance.

Its taken me a long time to truly appreciate what love really means, and thought i think i still don't have the firmest grasp on it yet, i would like to believe my understanding of it today is a much truer reflection of what it really is than what i believed before.

I've come to realize that we end up really loving very few people in this lifetime. While we may think there are many, if you sit down and consider the facts, the list of true loves is actually quite short.

Distilling the list is about asking yourself what matters most in your relationship with the person whom you love. What are you willing to do, what are you willing to sacrifice, what lengths are you willing to go for him or her. Then, the most important question test of all: actually doing it.

Its easy to say to a new lover, i'll die for you, i'll walk hot coals to be in your arms, i'll move heaven and earth to be with you. But the doing is not so easy.

Its easy to say to a new husband or wife, i'll be there for you through thick or thin, i'll hold your hand and mop your brow when you're sick and in pain, i'll be your perfect partner and be strong where you are weak. Then, the test of the doing will present itself. What matters most when that moment arrives is whether you do or do not. I think real love is not even tolerant of a try.

So the next time you tell a person you love them, think of what it means. Think of the things you've promised, and the lengths you've said you'd go for that love.

Ask yourself, have i been tested? Has my love been proven? Until you've walked the talk, AND still want to love afterwards, you can't really say that you've really loved. Or even known what it means.

Always on top

Its easy to tend to wonder why things happen when they do. Providence? Fate? Coincidence? Statistical quirk? The Hand of God?

As i sat there listening to them speak today, it occurred to me that while everything that was being said was absolutely true, it just didn't seem real. Could it be because i didn't believe? Or perhaps just because it was them, and i was me, the listener.

It doesn't come with a manual

If real life was like the movies, all of us who enjoyed Sleepless in Seattle as their staple go-to feel-good romantic comedy, would be happy forever and ever. Unfortunately, the only escape movies provide last but a few hours. Then its back to the real world, and life that doesn't come with an instruction manual.

Still got a lot to learn. In the meantime, i have to get some doors fixed. Baby steps. Walk before i run.

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