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Mia Sara

Mia Sara is a beautiful name for a baby girl. Say it out loud and be amazed at how well it rolls off your tongue. Definitely a keeper for the day I'm blessed with a daughter.

The Age of the iPad

Newsweek is saying the the iPad will change the way we experience digital resources. I tend to agree. The iPhone has changed the way I stay connected to the digital world, I expect the iPad will change the way how I interact with it. Some might say it's just a larger iPhone and to some extent that's true. But what is also true is that size matter and what was limited by the small size of an iPhone will no longer be restrained by the larger, more powerful iPad. Faster processor? Check. Much larger screen? Check. More memory? Check. I can't wait. Here comes the yummy.

Malaysia Immigration

Isn't it supposed to be easier today to apply for Malaysian passport?

If you're thinking about applying for a passport on a Saturday or Sunday morning, consider the following: - the line for numbers starts as early as 6am in the morning. - there are only 150 numbers given out each day; if you're not there by 7am, don't bother coming. - it's warm, and uncomfortable; you will be practically on your feet from the time you start queing until they open the doors at 8am. I'm in the queue as I type this. I've been up since 6am, in the queue since 7am and I'm still not sure if I'll get a number for today when I finally get to the counter. Wish me luck.




I'm writing this on my iPhone, posting it using XML technology via an app called BlogPress, making it appear on my Movabletype weblog, and simultaneously informing all my friends about it via an RSS feed into Facebook. In the meantime, i'm taking photos with my iPhone, using a snazzy filtering app called Hipstamatic, and posting it on Flickr and this blog. All in a few flicks of my fingers.

The power-hub in the whole equation is definitely the iPhone, but its really the empowerment of convergence technologies that allows it all to blend together so seamlessly. I'm impressed.



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