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A sleeping child

I can't remember the last time i slept like this. Perhaps i've only forgotten how, perhaps i have something to learn from him. Perhaps one day i can dream the dream of innocence again.


An Apple a day

Just like many others, i was shocked and upset the day Steve Jobs passed away. When i see an Apple, i don't see a computer -- i see a statement. This is how computers should be like: to work as intended. There is no greater compliment to be paid to a piece of technology.

Apple dawn

A barberhood of brothers

I make it a point to visit barber shops in the countries I visit. Not salons or those new fangled 10 minute cuts, but proper barber shops. Those with barber poles spinning outside, those where the unswept floor is littered with dead or dying protein masses, those where they still have the confidence and the skill to use a proper blade to shave you with. All over the world, such places feel exactly alike. A brotherhood of barbers, perhaps?

Barber shop.

Working on Christmas

Took a drive out for supper last night, and was surprised that so many shops were open late into Christmas night. Of course, all the normal suspects were open, the Starbucks, the PapaRiches, the 24-hour-never-closed-like-ever-mamak-shops. But even the smaller ones as well, the fast food equivalents of simple Malaysian cuisine. Toiling, sweating and churning out the dishes for what seemed like an unending crowd, they are the gastronomic heroes of the night.


Merry Christmas, world

Picked up this photo in Mid Valley. The place was packed on Christmas Eve. I suppose it's the same the world over, last minute shopping. 'Tis the season for giving, after all. Read between the lines and this also means it's the season for buying as well. 


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