Photoessay: Exploring Sungai Kiulu, Sabah

Attending a 3 day intensive conference is no joke. The matter overload is nuts, and that's a good thing really. But the organizers did let us out once to have some sun and fun and while others chose to go golfing and snorkeling, i chose white water rafting along Sungai Kiulu. 

About 90 minutes inland from Kota Kinabalu, the river's source is Mount Kinabalu and is usually a calm and easy Level 2 white water experience. However, the rain over the last few days has been quite heavy, and this led to higher water levels, and certainly quite a bit faster running too. By the time we went in, it was Level 3 stuff, and despite the dingy nearly capsizing a few times, my team and i had great fun. 

Then at the end, we came up a small kampung, and I took these photos to capture the moment.

Click for the larger version.


Waters were calm by this part of the river; was much more turbulent further upstream from where we had come.


Not a large river, but not very small either. Water rushed by very quickly, the river was visibly bloated from the heavy rainfall


The river guides enjoying a light moment while the rest of us dried off


Further evidence of rain and overcast skies


The evening sky was doing all sorts of funky textures; it was very beautiful.

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