Lightbox Shooting, Part Deux

Not satisfied with one lightbox, i set out to make another today (on leave, so i had time on my hands). Learning from the lessons of the box i made the day before, i decided to make this one bigger and to use different materials. Scrounging a Scotts tissue paper box from the local hypermarket, i also picked up some cheap tracing paper for the walls and a white manila sheet to act as the background. All very easily replaceable/interchangeable should the need arise.

It only took 20 minutes to hammer everything together with gaffer tape (this stuff is really amazing). Much happier with this box -- it was larger, sturdier and less messy with tape. Time for a test run.


I grabbed whatever small trinkets i had lying around me at the time and put it into the box to start shooting. Flash setup was a simple 45 degrees vertical config, shooting down into the box through the paper roof. The light diffused gorgeously and did all sorts of fun bouncing movements inside the box, making shadows a non-issue mostly.

Easy, fun and useful.

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