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*Last Updated: 3 Jan 2012*

Since a young age, i've found writing to be a creative release. I think i wrote my first short story, a grand total of 20 pages, when i was 8 or 9. It was an adventure story, not too different from the fantasy of Indiana Jones. It was full of grammatical errors (mistakes i often still make today!), but i was proud of it. I remember reading it to my father, he nodded politely and tried to listen as he read something all the more interesting. I remember reading it to an English teacher, a Chinese lady whom i loved dearly, and she was so proud of me. 

And i haven't stopped writing since.

When the Internet was still very young, i painstakingly taught myself HTML and coded from the ground up a website, my pulpit, my little corner of editorial power. I was in awe of the Internet even then. Writing for myself was fun, cathartic. Writing for an audience, was a high. What larger audience could i hope to find than the World Wide Web?

The Volume of Interactions was created to act as a home for myself on the Web. An anchor, a destination, all at once. A representation of me. 

Almost like a living being, the VOI has evolved over time. Evolved as i have evolved, mirroring my interests. A personal weblog during a time when blogs were little more than online diaries. A bully platform from where i launched critical attacks on anything that displeased me. A reflection of my own inner thoughts about religion, politics and society. It has been all of these and more, at different times, and at the same time. Today, it is a photoblog where i marry words with photos taken by myself. Photography is a passion, a recording of what i see, intrinsically linked to who i am which is the whole point of this blog. In many ways, i feel like i've arrived, this blog is where i want it to be, finally.

It is a volume of my life, of the interactions of me and the world. It is the Volume of Interactions.


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