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Always on top

Its easy to tend to wonder why things happen when they do. Providence? Fate? Coincidence? Statistical quirk? The Hand of God?

As i sat there listening to them speak today, it occurred to me that while everything that was being said was absolutely true, it just didn't seem real. Could it be because i didn't believe? Or perhaps just because it was them, and i was me, the listener.

It doesn't come with a manual

If real life was like the movies, all of us who enjoyed Sleepless in Seattle as their staple go-to feel-good romantic comedy, would be happy forever and ever. Unfortunately, the only escape movies provide last but a few hours. Then its back to the real world, and life that doesn't come with an instruction manual.

Still got a lot to learn. In the meantime, i have to get some doors fixed. Baby steps. Walk before i run.

Feminism 2007

Just a thought to kick off 2007.

Does a real feminist need to tell the world she is one?

Being afraid to speak (political correctness)

Many people nowadays are afraid to speak their minds. Women have no place in the workplace, yet no one dares say it. Islam is a religion that promotes violence, but the official party line is Islam = peace. Every last single Jew should be burned at the stake and torn to pieces by wild horses, but the guilt of the Holocaust has made "anti-semitism" a bad word.

Chinese businessmen are shady characters who cheat, lie and sometimes sleep with their bosses' wives to get ahead, but no one dares say the truth as we gladly let our children accept their angpow every CNY. Homosexuals should be raped by dogs and fed their own bodily wastes, but no, we hug them tightly with kisses on cheeks (with the hope that none of their homo-ness wipes off on us). Indians stink of ghee, fat and lard and sweat, but we smile contently at them, straightfaced, accepting the doctrine of cultural relativism.

When did it become a crime to say what we think? Whose bright idea was it that we should all be polically correct?

Wouldn't it be outrageous good fun to have a device one day that filters out the PC bullshit and give it all to us in plain, easy to understand English? Sorta like a modern-day version of those x-ray glasses every young boy wanted.

Power of Prayer and Hope

Severely tempted to write a scathing post on the problems of Muslims who charge into people's homes in the middle of the night, i suddenly realized that there has been a lot of negativity surrounding Islam in recent times, including many things i myself have written.

For a change, i want to write about what right with Islam and Muslims.

Islam, among other things, preaches hope of all things good. Hope through prayer, hope through goodwill, hope through the messages of the Prophet and the Holy Quran, and you can see how well this affects all Muslims.

During the Hari Raya prayers i attended recently, the imam presented a very positive message during his sermon. He spoke about how Islam is a religion of peace and harmony, how living in a multi-racial country has blessed us with the variety of our non-Muslim Malaysian brothers and sisters, and how through celebration and festivals we can learn to live together and knit a stronger Malaysian community. We prayed to Allah that morning for these things to be true, and as i left the mosque, i was very happy to notice that the sheen of hope was lit on many faces and my own.

Later on in the day, visiting with my relatives, we had a short prayer as a family. Prayers were said for my grandparents, who have passed away many years ago. There was a moment of sombre apprehension as we thought of them, but as the prayer continued, i could feel spirits rising all around the room. It was a warm day that day, but as we, as a family, sat there on the floor, reading the Quran together, it felt cool and breezy. There is a certain power to prayer when it can calm the nerves and thoughts of people who have lost those that they love; perhaps it comes from the hope of their well-being and happiness and comfort in the Hereafter.

I've always believed that humans are spiritual beings. Just like our need for food and drink, there is an inner spirit that needs nourishment as well. Muslims draw on prayer for that nourishment, and it keeps us very well. I am inspired by Islam, prayer gives me hope -- perhaps that is what keeps us alive at the end of the day. Where would life be without hope?

Paid to Write

Jeff brought this issue to my attention, and its been playing on my mind for a few hours now.

Would i write for free? I do it all the time here on the VOI, and in various other special interest blogs i maintain. Would i write for a corporate organization for free? No, i probably wouldn't. But having said that, "payment" doesn't always have to be tangible.

A very good friend of mine, a very well known published author and editor, once told me, "I get paid to write, why would i write for free (by starting a blog)?", as a response to my pestering him to start a blog of his own.

Why indeed.

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