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Is the VOI still broken? Or has the problem righted itself?

Managing time

Very frustrating to post things lately, with the VOI giving all sorts of problems. But felt the need to write anyway, even if it doesn't get published.

When your partner is always busy, either with work or any other legitimate reason, you really only have two choices:

# Get busy too, either with your career or some social activity like PROMUDA
# Understand that your partner needs time and space, and give it to him/her without reservation or condition

Any other choice will almost surely lead to the ruin of the relationship.

Broken VOI

The VOI is broken, and i'm not sure how to fix it.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to switch over to MT 3.0D. A complete overhaul of the site. Expect no updates till this is done.

Something wrong with VOI

Hhmmm... keep on getting 500 Error messages whenever the VOI tries to rebuild itself. This sucks.

Update: Problem looks to be resolved.

Solution: Goto HTMLPerms in mt.cfg and uncomment it so that it reads: "HTMLPerms 0777"

Thanks shelley for the help!

Update 2: Problem still persisting in an intermittent manner. Weird. One moment it works, the next it doesn't!!! HELP!

Update 3: Problem is definitely intermittent in nature. Have contacted my webhost. They didn't change anything either on the server configs. Oh dear. I've got a problem.

51 Weeks

51 weeks down, 7 days to go, and 1 year it will be. Wow. What a ride is has been, and, i feel, things are just warming up.

Pure shame

If this is true, then its pure shame for Malaysia.

I know the actions (or in this case, i'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt and say, its just pure stupidity) of some shouldn't represent the whole, but international politics and global opinion doesn't care about all of that: as far as they are concerned, Malaysia is linked to militant Islam & terrorism. And that's a bad, bad thing.

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