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Paint Ball is BACK ON!

Dear Everyone,

Its been a while since we last heard anything about the paintball tournament we were supposed to have a few months back.

Allow me to offer my services to organize the tournament for everyone. I'm targeting 27 September 2003. This date is a firm target. I think the problem we had last time was that we tried to accomodate everyone and this made the date keep on switching, so this time let's set it for 27th.

In the next few days i'm going to get the information necessary from the paintball venue to see what needs to be done to get things rolling, including how much each of us will have to pay and what will the format of the competition be.

In the meantime, please mark the date down. We'll do things in the morning, starting 8 or 9 am.

Also, please leave a comment if you're interested to participate so that i can add you to the mailing list for latest updates on the program.

Islamic family law

Its been a long time since i last posted a chat on the Volume of Interactions. But i believe the following chat on the rights of a husband and wife in an Islamic family might be of interest. Feedback and comments are very welcome - this is an area that i think many of us (myself included) do not yet fully understand, and its probably something that all of us, Muslim or non-Muslim, should be aware of.

Howay the Lads!

It was a cold dreary day in 1993 - i was in the UK, it was raining outside, and mom wouldn't let me go out and play. Dejected, i flipped channels, and chanced upon a game of football being shown: Newcastle United FC against someone i can't remember. In those days, Newcastle was trapped in the lower divisions of British football, and though they had a huge fan base, affectionately called the Toon Army, their games were, at best, shown on TV on a massively delayed basis; probably the stuff the TV stations show when they don't think anyone is watching but they have to put something on the air anyway to pass the time.

To say the least, for some insane reason, i was enthralled by the Magpies (that's Newcastle's nickname) - their style of play was unstructured and a bit messy back then, but the attacking football was undeniable in its class and determination. They won the game, i cheered, and since then, i've been a fan.

As a football fan, there are two missions in life:

# To watch your team play LIVE in a competitive match
# To make a trip to their home (in this case, the city of Newcastle in the North-East UK), and watch them play a game there

Winning or losing is not too important in relation to these missions - at the end of the day, you hardly remember whether your team won or lost; what matters is that you were there to witness them play, LIVE.

Well, tomorrow, the first mission will come true. Newcastle is in Kuala Lumpur and will play the opening match of the FA Premier League Asia Cup against Birmingham at Bukit Jalil, 8.45pm.

Alan Shearer
Shearer's famous one-handed salute

I got my tickets months ago. I've got my replica Newcastle jersey prepped. Thinking about making a banner saying, "Alan Shearer - I LOVE YOU". I can't wait. My footballing heart is buzzing in anticipation.

UPDATE: The NUFC Malaysia Supporters' Club held its first activity over the last weekend. Check out the report here.

Star Wars

When i found this great site, The Star Wars Alphabet Project it brought back a flood of memories from my younger days. I don't know whether any of you did this too, but i used to pretend that my hands were spaceships (of the Star Wars variety) and i would re-enact whole battle scenes from the movies. One hand would "chase" the other, then "shoot" its laser beams, then one hand would "explode" - all to the tune of the Star Wars theme in the background, and verbal commentary by myself (i would mimic the voices of the pilots in the ships, "Die, rebel scum!" or "The Force is strong with this one").

It was great fun. And i confess, i still do it, once in a while, even now.

"Red Wing, Gold Wing, make your attack run now... "

Asohan speaks

A. Asohan, the editor of InTech has provided a public response to all the bruhaha that started with a posting i recently made in review of an article written by L.C. Wong about bloggers in INFOSOC. The response in its entirety can be found below:

Hi everyone.
Yes, it's me, A. Asohan, that horrible In.Tech editor.

There have been so assumptions made over the last couple of days – about the integrity of my reporter, about the quality and ability of all In.Tech reporters, and about how we work here -- that I think I better clear the air about some of these issues.

This is going to a long, long post, unfortunately.


Dear Asohan (editor of InTech),

Its been suggested to me by some of my readers through comments on my website and also through email that my posting was unfair in its criticisms towards InTech. The posting is question is:

Over the last few days, i've been giving it a lot of thought and concluded that some of my assumptions were wrong. For these errors, i apologize:

* It was presumptious of me (or anyone else for that matter) to suggest to InTech how they should run their stories. When i made mention of how some of Najah's ideas were not reported upon, it was incorrect of me to suggest that they should have been included.
* During the interview with L.C. Wong i repeated some of Najah's ideas - L.C. was absolutely correct to report it as she heard it. It is not within her responsibility to track back on whose idea it was or wasn't. In all fairness to her, she was faithful to the things that were mentioned during the interview.

There are also a few published comments on my blog that may have been inaccurate and hurtful, as they were drawn from the posting i made. While i do not have absolute control over what my readers say, i think i do have some responsibility over what they read, hence i understand i have an influence on what they think. For giving them the wrong idea, i also offer my apologies. I think that's what it means to be a journalist (though i'm not one, i think there are publishing principles are universal): to have a sense of responsibility in reporting and writing. While writing can be done in isolation, its an important lesson i've learned that their effects rarely are.

InTech has been particularly supportive of the blogging phenomenon in the past, and i'm sure that many of the newer generation of bloggers have begun writing because of your team's efforts. In that sense, i think we share the same goals - my objective is to get as many Malaysians as possible to contribute to the online knowledge pool through the written word. Please keep up the fantastic work; i will do my best to do what i can on my end with Project Petaling Street and the rest.

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding. I look forward to a time in the future where our paths will meet in the offline world.

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